Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 15th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni about to kiss Shaan. Shaan says no Rajni. Samaira coughs and says sorry for disturbing them. Rajni says we were about to kiss. Shaan says something went in my eye. Rajni says he is lying. Samaira asks shaan if he has taken Rajni to hospital. Shaan says this is her hospital. She says Doctor said that she is not pregnant. Rajni asks why did you come here? Samaira says to paste poster in the lab so that Shaan remembers that he is going to be father. Shaan asks Rajni to give an idea so that he can talk to Samaira. Rajni coughs and asks Shaan to go out and bring her medicine. Shaan takes Samaira with him. Rajni sits and smiles. Surili comes home after giving blood for test. Amrish asks her not to feel bad. Surili says she had a tough time by saying good about Rajni.

She asks him to take her to room. Amrish takes her to room.

Shaguta asks Dev to stop following her, else she will kill him. Dev says yesterday night you was romancing with me and calls her bunny rabbit. She asks what do you want? Dev says this courier came. Shaguta checks and says pregnancy report. She says name is not written and says oh my god, Rajni is pregnant. Rajni comes and asks what happened? Shaguta congratulates her for her pregnancy. Rajni says I don’t have this feature. Sharmila comes holding her back, saying she is having pain.

Dev and Shaguta make her lie down on sofa. Rajni says a cake is baking in cupcake and muffin’s bakery. Dev checks her. Sharmila says I am completely okay. She goes calling Dhyan. Shaguta and Dev say she is pregnant. Gyan comes with Dev and congratulates Dhyan for becoming papa. Sharmila asks you are going to be Papa of your secretary’s child, and asks him to say that this is a lie. Dhyan and Gyan are shocked. Dhyan asks him to clear the matter. Dev says Sharmila bhabhi is pregnant. Dhyan asks you are pregnant with whose child and asks her to tell that it is a lie. Gyan says you both trusts each other. Sharmila says I am not pregnant. Dev says then who is pregnant. He says newly married couple might be pregnant. Dhyan and Gyan stares him. Rajni asks shaguta if she is pregnant. Shaguta starts vomiting thinking she is pregnant with Dev’s baby. She tells Rajni that she is not pregnant and asks who told you this. Rajni says Sharmila told me.

Sharmila says I didn’t tell anything and says disgusting. Shaguta says I am having a bad feeling with this thought, I have to take shower now. Rajni says don’t you make love with Dev. Shaguta asks her not to talk like that and goes to take shower. Bubbles come there and starts coughing. Sharmila asks her to have shame. Bubbles says if she need to have shame for drinking wine. She is about to drink wine. Sharmila stops her and says it is harmful for the baby. Rajni says you are pregnant. Bubbles gets happy and asks who took my advantage. Sharmila asks her to call her lover. Bubbles says nobody have taken my advantage till now. They think who is pregnant then……Rajni asks her to drink lemon water. Sharmila says who is pregnant then? She says if mummy ji is pregnant. She tells Rajni that Bau ji didn’t tell that Surili is pregnant. Rajni says it is a good news. Sharmila says it is an embarrassment for them. She says we have to take care of Amma Surili without her knowledge.

Shaan and Samaira come back happily. Samaira says whenever I remember those days, I get glad. Shaan says I am happy that we are friends still. Shaan thinks to tell her about Rajni. Samaira asks what do you do all day? Shaan says only the scientists have brought change in this world. Samaira says I want to know what Shaan has made? Shaan says whenever world will see my creation then they will say wow. Samaira asks what? Shaan says it is a top secret and says Robot. Samaira laughs and says you are making it since college days. She asks him to tell. Shaan says okay, and asks her to close eyes. He brings Rajni’s poster and asks her to open eyes. He says this is my Robot. Samaira is shocked. Shaan says this is my Robot and smiles.

Shaan says it is a Robot. Samaira looks at Rajni with surprise. Rajni blinks her eyes. Later Rajni tells Samaira that she will keep her saas godh bharayi rasam and invites the viewers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sriranjani

    Hey looks like everyone got mad……..Who is pregnent?? Yuckk …

  2. Renuverma

    Omg rajni thinks surili preggy???????? shaan has rev3aled his secret to samaira.

  3. rajni nd sharmila play a game who is pregnent

  4. manabrndradas

    Shaan to tar secret samaira ko boldya an kya hoga

  5. I think Samaira is prego

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I think Maggie bhabi is prego as they havent show maggie bhabi yet this really shows that rajni robot ka memory chip main zaroor kuch damage huwa maybe a little rusted how can she forget about maggie bhabi 😛


    This is not going as it started… as show have some comedy and some nonsense now specially after entry of samiara… i feel show is getting bore with bore theme….

    1. Eishwa

      Yes you’re right it’s not even interesting

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      When I saw BHRK promo I knew this show was only made for comedy as story isnt so much special I only watch this show as is funny but yeah show has gone a little down after samaira’s entry this was kinda unexpected

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        I mean expected


        Not only with samaira entry but also losing its charm with slow run or draging sometimes

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