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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev telling Shaan that Rajni don’t want to prove anything and says everything is proving by itself. He says you said that a robot and human can’t stay together and if a machine malfunctioned then it should be thrown, and says Rajni proved these two things false. He says Rajni is staying with this kid since 5 years and that too when she was weak. He says I just gave her normal maintenance and only you can upgrade him. Dev continues that Rajni brought him up and gave so much love. Shaan says Rajni has no feature of feelings. Dev says she took care of me like a mum and tells that this is love only. He asks Shaan to accept Rajni and upgrade her. Shaan says I will never touch this machine and upgrade her, never, forget it. Rajni blinks her eyes cutely.


asks RAM to come down. RAM is sitting on car’s rooftop and says he will not get down. Amrish climbs on the car rooftop and explains to RAM that the wheels should be worked with balanced else accident will happen. RAM talks about suspension which is equally important. Amrish says you have so much knowledge, even Shaan had knowledge when he was young. RAM says I am not his son. Amrish says you don’t need him, but your mum and father needs each other. He asks him to compromise with Shaan for Rajni. RAM says no. Amrish asks can’t you do this for MOBO. RAM says okay, and agrees to make up with Shaan. Amrish gets happy. RAM says command accepted.

Dev asks Shaan not to blame Rajni for his inabilities. Shaan says yes, I am unsuccessful. He says he has buried science and this robot 5 years back. Dev says I am helpless and tells that he wants to take Rajni back, but he can hear his heart talk as he knows him better than himself. He says Rajni needs you and you needs her. Shaan goes. Dev says whenever he doesn’t listen to me then he gets in problem. RAM comes and asks Rajni for help. Surili sees the camera and says this will end all her problems. Sharmila tries to open it. Surili switches on the camera. Sharmila is embarrassed to see her private dance with Dhyan. Surili asks Shaguta to turn her face. Sharmila tells that the video is not recorded. Surili says no problem, and tells that they will record Rajni’s stupid doings through Shaan. She says Shaan don’t love her like before.

RAM comes to Shaan and calls him CPU. Shaan asks what? RAM says chidchide papa uncle. He says MOBO is mother board and I am RAM. We will make a good memory. Shaan asks what do you need? RAM says I need your specs. Shaan asks if he wants to break it. Rajni says he came here not to break your specs. She comes to him and takes his specs. Shaan asks her to return his specs. Rajni makes him sit. RAM makes him wear specs. Shaan sees sorry written. RAM says he used scrapped things and made this specs for him. Shaan says you made this? RAM tells how he made this. Rajni says manner’s logic states that you should say its okay. Shaan is surprised and says yes. RAM thanks him and says now I will not misbehave with you and you will not shout on me. Rajni gives specs to Shaan again. Rajni walks strangely. Shaan asks what happened? Rajni she has joints issues with her feet and will manage.

Surili tells Shaguta that Shaan will be on their side now. Rajni slips and falls. Shaan holds her. They have an eye lock. Rajni thanks him. Shaguta tells Surili that Shaan is romancing with her in RK pose. Surili asks what is happening? Rajni says this is allingam which happens between husband and wife. Surili says don’t know what we have to see. Rajni says there are more than 100 poses and says she will demonstrate few for her. She poses with Shaan. Surili asks her to stop it. Shaan asks her to go. Rajni says I will go, don’t worry Shaan. Surili tells Shaan that he has proved that he has no feelings for his mum. She says I am trying to make her go, and you….Shaguta says I want to marry Vikram and you….Shaan says even I want this.

Surili says you was posing as prem allingam. Shaan says I was just trying to save her from falling down. Surili says your heart is beating for her still. Shaan says no. Shaguta says may be her heart is beating. Shaan says this is not possible. Surili emotionally blackmails Shaan and says she will die if this continues. Shaguta asks her to take out her stress and play guitar. Surili says it is sold and says she has to taunt Maggie and Shaguta to relieve herself. Shaan thinks where to go, as Rajni and RAM are in his room, and here his family members are troubling him. He thinks why did I make Rajni?

In the night, Rajni tries to make RAM sleep. RAM says he can’t sleep and not getting feeling like their scrap yard. Rajni says we brought metal scrap, tyres scrap. RAM says it is there. Rajni says I know what you need. She makes strange sounds. RAM feels sleepy and lies on bed to sleep. Surili comes there and asks Rajni to stop making strange sounds. She asks what is happening here? RAM gets up and says this is my Lori. Surili asks if Lori is like this. She sings Lori….RAM says if you are scaring me. Rajni tells that they were staying in scrap yard since 5 years and RAM is used to sleep in noisy environment. Surili asks them not to make sound. RAM says we can’t go because of court orders. Surili asks if you had stayed near airport then would you have made plane landing voice. Rajni says yes, and blows air and makes sound like if plane is landing. Surili asks her to stop and goes. RAM asks Rajni why did you marry CPU? Rajni says Shaan commanded me. RAM asks why did he give you command? Rajni asks him to sleep and says it is late. She goes to charge herself. RAM thinks why a human married Robot. He thinks if Shaan is also a robot and thinks to find out.

Surili asks Rajni to give her ideas to commit suicide. Rajni says she has all home made ideas and asks if she wants to use rope or want to jump from mountain. She shows plane ticket and poison. Surili is tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    So cute rajini becoming human and shaan is behaving like robot.. ????????????
    And best name CPU- chidchide papa uncle???????
    Plzzzzzz plzzzzz unite shaan and rajini soon…

  2. I miss karan v grover so muchh

  3. CPU- Chidchide Papa Uncle

  4. Zimmani Ahmed

    The show is becoming boring day by day… It is becoming too much boring because of shaan’s inflexibility towards rajni..
    Plz it is necessary to unit Shaan & Rajni like before… Rajni needs Shaan & Shaan needs Rajni.. 🙂

  5. plzz update first

  6. sorry. *fast

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