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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan asking Dev what he is doing in police station and calls him useless. Dev says he is the one who brought Rajni here. He tells him that he came home and thought to ask Shaguta to make tea. Lakshmi comes and informs him that she sent them to jail for troubling their bahu. Dev goes to Shaan’s lab and checks Rajni in suitcase. He finds her parts and gives command for self assembling. Rajni assembles herself. Dev thinks to check if she is in vamp mode or adarsh bahu mode. He brings hunter and aarti. Rajni says my adarsh bahu mode is on and takes aarti. Dev gets happy and tells her everything. Fb ends. Dev says I told her everything and she went to save you all with her super sonic speed. Shaan hugs Dev and apologizes to him. He asks Rajni, how did you locate my

location, and says I am so proud of me to befriend you. Rajni says your mobile and my GPS is sync. We can locate each other’s location, and says you should know. Shaan says we forget sometimes, and says I am so proud of me, and asks Dev and Rajni to feel proud of themselves also. Dhyan says we are saved, it is miracle.

Shaan explains that they are saved because of the bad roads. Maggie says I don’t agree. Shaan asks her to think that destiny read science. Surili says it is enough, and asks Inspector to let them go, as Rajni kant is here. Rajni tells Inspector to let her family go, and praises them. Inspector says we have to do enquiry. He says you might be forced by someone to give this statement. He says until we are sure, you can’t go. Surili asks Inspector to atleast give chair to her. Gyan gets scared seeing Rajni. Surili asks what happened? Shaan tells Dev that may be Gyan saw Rajni there. They are taken inside the lock up. Maggie says jail is not nice. Shaguta gets scared seeing murderer woman. Sharmila asks constable to show them different lock up. Amrish says he didn’t have tea since morning.

Surili asks him to sit, but Inspector pulls his chair and scolds him. Amrish gets angry also. Surili and Amrish argue with each other due to the confession in the police van. Shaguta gets scared seeing murderer woman and asks God to save her. Constable asks if you are Rajni. Rajni says yes. Constable asks her to come. Shaan says I want to talk with her, husband and wife talk….He talks to Rajni. Rajni asks do you want me to get you out from here. Shaan says no, and asks her to say everything truly, and tell that we love you very much. Rajni says yes. She goes. Amrish says Rajni will save all of us. Gyan says she will trap all of us and tells that he has seen something from van. A fb is shown. Gyan sees Rajni’s long hands. Shaan tells Dev that he has seen Rajni’s metallic hands. Dhyan says it is his first time naa, and that’s why he is reacting like this. He tells that this is his second time, as he was arrested before. He says Rajni is a super woman. Surili says we will know if she is a super woman or Dayan.

Inspector asks Rajni to tell him everything without any fear. Rajni says she don’t have this feature. Inspector thinks everyone is mad in family. He asks where was you, when we came to arrest them. He asks did they try to kill you. Rajni says I don’t have that feature to die, it is impossible to kill me. Inspector asks her about their behavior. Rajni praises her. Inspector asks about Surili. Rajni says she taunts me, but she is good at heart. She makes me do strange works like making 1000 laddoo in 2 hours. Inspector asks did your husband hit you with hammer. Rajni says yes, but for my betterment and brought me back to adarsh bahu mode. Inspector thinks she has gone mad and asks lady constable to take her to hospital and get her full body scan to figure out fracture or wound in her body. Rajni asks if the enquiry is done, and goes out.

Inspector asks Dev, who is he? Dev says I am Rajni’s brother and their jamai. Inspector asks him to sit. Lakshmi comes and asks Rajni, if you are alive? She talks in Tamil. Rajni also talks in Tamil surprising family. She says I know 86 languages and says I will tell starting from hyderabadi. Surili says no, and says your husband is in jail because of Lakshmi. They argue. Inspector asks them to keep quiet and says they have to scan Rajni’s body to know if she has any wound or fracture. Shaan gets shocked, and says no moregan can save us. He tells Inspector that Rajni is fine. Inspector asks him to stop it. Shaan says it seems my robotic wife truth will come out today. Amrish says now you will know that we haven’t done anything. Surili says now we will find out what is in her mind which makes her to do strange things. Shaan thinks what to do. He imagines Doctor figuring out that she is a robot and informing police. He sees lady Constable taking Rajni.

Rajni is lied down on the scanning machine. Dev tells her that Shaan has never done wrong with you, and says if they find wires in you then Shaan will be in problem. He says there is only one way to save him. Just then constables drag him from there. Rajni says you gave me incomplete command.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Some secenes are just so funny about Shaan, who forgets features of rajini himself….
    And rajini answering to police is just funny…. ??????

  2. so funny and shaan’s I am proud of myself part… lv this…

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