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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev telling Shaguta that Mathew is not compatible to her, and says he is gay. Shaguta asks who are you to judge him, and asks if you want to cut his kite….Dev says I am not at all interested in you and moves 3 steps behind. Shaguta asks him to be away from her and says Shaan and Mathew are going out today, male bonding…Dev gets tensed. He comes inside and sits down shattered. Shaan asks what happened? Dev asks what are you doing? He says you are going on a trip with Mathew? Shaan says so what? Dev asks him not to go. Shaan says Mathew is my boss, and needs my advice. Dev says he is not good. Shaan asks him to come with him, and asks him to entertain Mathew. Dev refuses. Shaan says you are my friend and a big complaining machine. HE asks what is your problem? Rajni

comes with his suitcase. Shaan asks why did you pack so many clothes? Rajni says for safety, you have to carry many clothes. Shaan says adarsh wife. Rajni asks what gift you will bring for me? Dev laughs. Rajni asks Dev not to laugh, and says you are my brother, but didn’t get any gift for me. Dev says I will bring gift next time. Rajni asks him to get it now itself. Dev leaves. Rajni asks Shaan, what gift he will bring to her. He asks what do you want? Rajni says gift shouldn’t be given after asking. Shaan says you are catching up really fast.

Rajni gives instructions to Shaan and asks him not to talk to strangers etc etc. Shaan asks him to say if there is something important. Rajni asks him not to go. Shaan says I am just going for a day. Rajni alerts Shaan that someone have entered home. Shaan catches Dhyan entering silently home. He asks why did you come silently. Dhyan says everyone might be sleeping. He asks if you are leaving home. Shaan says no, and asks if he wants his help. Dhyan says no and goes. Shaan says Dhyan is troubled because of Sharmila. Rajni says you are pareshan…Rajni asks how can Dhyan be pareshan then. Shaan asks her to take care of Dhyan, and says bye. Rajni signs him bye and even gives flying kiss cutely. Rajni serves dinner to Dhyan. He says thanks. Rajni says I can sense that you are tensed and lied to Shaan. She says she has sensed it. Dhyan says you are right, I did lied. Rajni asks why did you lied?

Dhyan says he needed money and he thought to double the money through gambling, but lost 50 lakhs money in casino. He says what I will tell to Amrish. Rajni asks house is ruined by gambling and asks why did you need that much money. Dhyan tells her that Sharmila don’t want to stay here and needs her freedom. He says he wants to keep his family and wife happy, and gets grinded by everyone. He says he lost the money and don’t know what to do. He says my respect will be ruined. Rajni says I will bring your money. Dhyan asks what? Rajni says I can play all casino games and can win too. Dhyan says nice, but I can’t take you there and get you in any trouble. Rajni says Shaan told me to take care of you. Dhyan thanks her for showing sympathy and goes.

Dhyan comes to Sharmila and tells her that he couldn’t give payment to the builder. Sharmila gets angry and blames him for playing with her feelings and asks why did you marry me then? Dhyan says muffin please…Sharmila throws his pillow and says your punishment is that you have to sleep outside on sofa. Dhyan thinks what to do? He says Sharmila will make you sleep on sofa all life and wonders how will he manage to get the money? Amrish sees him sitting on sofa and asks why you didn’t give money for truck. He asks him to give money till morning. Dhyan gets tensed and holds his head. Amrish asks what you are doing here at night and asks if Sharmila kicked you out of room. Dhyan nods no. Amrish gets a call. He says you will get money tomorrow and goes. Just then Dhyan sees Rajni in modern outfit. He asks if you are going somewhere? Rajni says yes. Dhyan asks where are you going? Rajni says you will tell me, and asks him to take her to casino. Dhyan is surprised. Rajni says this is possible. Dhyan says they are dangerous people. Rajni says you will protect me being my brother in law and asks if you will protect me. Dhyan says yes. Rajni asks him to come. Dhyan says no. Rajni says I have never asked anything from you and asks him to come. They reach casino.

Rajni sees the place. Dhyan says I don’t think we should be here. Rajni says exactly, you should not visited here before also. Mr. charlie greets Dhyan. Rajni asks where is chaplin? Charlie says your sense of humor is good. Rajni says I am serious. Charlie says there is only Charlie. Rajni says Dhyan wants his money back. Dhyan tells Charlie that he needs some money to play. Charlie says you guys should go home. Rajni says no, and gives the jewellery. Dhyan says you have brought your jewellery. Charlie goes to encash it. Dhyan thanks Rajni for staking her jewellery for him. He thanks her and asks not to lose. Rajni says we will win and says this feature is in me since my eyes opened up. She says it is Shaan’s gift. Charlie tells Rajni that he respects her as she is Dhyan’s lady luck. He says I never lost it. Rajni says can I see your cards. Charlie laughs and asks her to see his cards from there itself. Rajni says even mummy ji said this and she lost. Charlie starts the game and gives the cards to Rajni. Rajni looks on.

Charlie praises Rajni and Dhyan. He asks Dhyan to target the dart. Dhyan looks tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Rajni looks so different today , but funny episode now what will dhyaan do

  2. shan babu…is becoming as robo of rajni and after some time, he will say that command accepted …..ha..ha..ha

  3. this is the best show


    Rajni ko challange kre itni himat kisi me nhi…. rajni is supper dupper robo….☺☺☺
    Can anyone tell me ki kya karan ka aaj out of station jaana new shaan ki entry ka tarika tha? If so who is new shaan going to play?

  5. if anything will be happes between shaguta and dev?
    i m confused………..

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