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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan thinking there was a girl who used to eat much Manchurian. He thinks if that girl was his college friend Poonam. He recalls the incidents since Virat entry in his house. A fb is shown, Virat saying Rajni that he will take her to his side by his love. Shaan thinks to find that Poonam. Surili looks at her hand and thinks her hands are not in her control now. She thinks how I will meet my friends now. She moves her hands as if she is washing utensils. Amrish asks what happened. Surili asks Amrish to help her and stop her hand. Amrish says I got an idea. He wears a wig and asks Surili to massage his fake hairs. He gets happy. Shaan thinks about the surnames of Poonam. Rajni comes there and says she needs maintenance. Shaan says not now and asks her to sit.


sits and gets up again. Shaan says Rajni’s maintenance at 9 am tomorrow. Rajni says okay Shaan. Amrish says she is massaging him at a long time. Surili says you are taking advantage. Amrish asks how did it happen. Surili tells about the chowmein restaurant incident where she is made to wash the utensils. She says she will not leave Sharmila and Maggie. Amrish says then they will know that you was also there. Surili cries.

Shaan searches for Poonam, and thinks she is not available on any social networking site. Rajni comes and says she needs maintenance. Shaan says you got alzheimer and needs a doctor. Rajni says I can’t get it, as I am a robot, you should know. Shaan says I know, and asks her to let him do his work. He sees Rajni and Virat pic. Rajni tells him that the jewellery which she is wearing in the pic is not with her, and asks him to bring for her.

Shaan says biwi software is working well even after malfunctioning. He says this is fake pic, and nobody knows where is real Poonam. Rajni says I need maintenance. Shaan says it will be done in the morning. Rajni is malfunctioning and collides with the wall by mistake. Surili asks Amrish to take revenge from manager. Amrish says I will go to that hotel and will thank manager. Surili says you have insulted me more than my bahus and that manager. Sharmila and Maggie come there and act as washing utensils. Maggie says we didn’t wash any utensils. Surili eyes them angrily and says whatever you have done in that hotel chowmein…you will be punished. She says your punishment is that.

Amrish comes and tells them that even Surili was with them. Amrish thinks why did he tell truth and goes. Sharmila apologizes and asks for punishment. Surili says you both will never talk about that incident again. They get happy. Surili asks them to do 100 sits up. They do it. Rajni comes and asks what is happening here. Surili says they are punished. Maggie says even mummy ji washed utensils. Rajni says if this is the case then you should do sit ups too. She makes her do sit ups. Surili shouts asking Shaan to save her from his mad wife. Shaan comes and takes Rajni from there. He repairs Rajni and asks why did you go there while malfunctioning. Rajni says I told you many times that I need maintenance, but you ignored. Shaan asks himself why did he make biwi software. Rajni says only you will know.

Shaan thinks how I will search Poonam. He asks Rajni to help him find Poonam Batra and goes. She scans and says 335 Poonam Batras are here in Mumbai and how to contact them. She thinks to drop message at everyone’s phone. She records the message ” your husband Virat is trying to marry me forcibly, and if you want to save your home then reach at this address”. She leaves the voice message.

Maggie massages Surili’s feet. Surili asks Sharmila to massage her head. Many ladies come there. Surili asks what do you want? Lady says we want to give her prize. Maggie tells that she is bahu. Sharmila says she is bahu. Surili says she is first bahu. Ladies say that she got a message from kant bahu trapping their husband. They take out kitchen stuff and beat Surili, Maggie and Sharmila. Gyan, Dhyan and Amrish come there and see their wives getting beaten by ladies. Surili asks ladies to beat her husband. Even Maggie and Sharmila ask their husband if they have any other wives. All men say they are innocent. Ladies ask if there is any more bahu. Surili shouts Rajni.

Virat gives court notice to Amrish and asks them to leave soon. He calls Poonam. Real Poonam comes and says she is Poonam, Virat’s wife. Rajni smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What is the real name of real poonam?


    Ha ha ha ha… best part shaan irritation over biwi software…. ????????
    And i think virat and poonam are behind property or poonam was in love with shaan and shaan did not know and its poonam plan to seperate shaan and rajini


    Plz do update fast… need to wait tooo long….

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