Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 14th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwant talking to someone and asks him to call him with respect as he has won a lottery. Shaan thinks what is he doing outside Rajni’s room?He asks him did you go to meet Rajni? Balwant says I said a small hello to her. Shaan asks him to say a big hello. Balwant says Rajni told me that you both love each other and are waiting for honeymoon eagerly. Shaan asks him not to lie and say the truth. Balwant says Rajni said that she don’t love you, got ready to marry you for money and agreed to elope with me. Shaan asks what else she said to you. Balwant says I can understand your feelings. Shaan thinks thank god Rajni haven’t told him that she is a Robot. Balwant says it is okay that your wife don’t love you. Shaan says so what, she will fall in love with me afterwards.

He says you are saved and leaves.

Surili meets camera man and asks him to keep an eye on a girl through his camera and capture her every moment. She gives him money and asks him not to name her infront of anyone. She shows Rajni’s pic to the cameraman and shows the way to her room. Shaan comes inside Rajni’s room and asks what is she wearing? Rajni says it is jewellery, gold, diamond etc and acts romantic. Shaan thinks Dev has made her an actor too. Shaan asks why is she wearing all the jewellery? Rajini says as Maa asked her. Shaan asks her to wear jewellery at different occasions, and give the jewellery to Surili for safe keeping. Rajni says command accepted and makes the jewellery fall from her body.

Shaan keeps the jewellery in a bag, and tells that their sangeet is today. He says family will ask them to dance and asks what are the dance forms which she knows?Rajni tells about various dance forms. Shaan asks if she knows garba. Rajni starts dancing. Shaan says he will make excuse that she is having leg pain and asks her to say the same. Rajni agrees. Shaan asks her to give jewellery back to Surili. Rajni tells him that she has commitment to someone for a meeting in night. Shaan looks on and asks to whom you have given commitment. A cameraman comes inside and says sorry.

Amrish gets happy seeing Rajni and Shaan coming. Shaan asks Rajni to lie if someone asks her to dance. Rajni refuses to lie, but Shaan insists so she agrees. Bubbles falls on a man and he calls her aunty. She gets irked. Amrish calls Rajni on stage and introduces her to the guest. Camera man captures her. Bubbles thinks he is looking at her and goes to talk to him. Surili reminds her that the sangeet is of Rajni and asks cameraman to concentrate on Rajni only.

Kuhu comes on stage and makes an annoucement of dance. She asks the couples to pick on a chit and dance on the picked dance form. Surili and Amrish gets bengali song chit. Amrish dances on the song Tune Maari Entriyan bengali version………………..Surili too dances with him. Their children enjoy their dance performance.

Shaan asks Dev to handle Rajni. Dev assures her. Aishwarya sees them together and thinks them wrong. Shaan asks Rajni to return Surili’s jewellery. Rajni says the same. Amrish in his room asks Surili if she liked the dance. Surili says it was okay. Amrish says your smile is saying something else, Surili smiles. Amrish says you are happy because of Rajni. Surili says you will soon know how is she? She says Rajni is going to elope with Balwant, and will take the jewellery with her. Amrish challenges her.

Sharmila and Maggie dance during the sangeet. Rajni and Balwant dance on Aankhon Ki Gustakhiyan……….Later Rajni holds the jewellery while some goons eyes it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hahaha now I wonder how Rajni robot will handle the jewelry drama 😛

  2. Ha ha let us see how Rajni robot manages to keep the jwellery safe . Waiting for tmr .

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