Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni telling Amrish that only one will come in return. Shaan says she means our one child, family planning. Dev hugs Rajni and cries. Rajni says bye. Shaan drives the car and they leave. Dev cries again. Surili says you will go with Shaguta to cancel the wedding. Dev thanks God for doing good. Amrish says your fake marriage will end, and Shaan and Rajni’s honeymoon started..two good things have happened? Shaan’s car gets heated and stops. Rajni poses sensually and asks for lifts. Shaan is shocked and says mad robot. He asks her to sit in car. Rajni sits in car. Amrish comes to registrar office and tells about the mistake in their computer which showed Shaguta married to Dev. Dev says your computer was hacked. Registrar says our site is very much secured. Dev says

whoever has hacked it, is specialized in this field. Registrar asks how do you know?

Shaan takes a car on rent for Rs. 4000. He asks Rajni to call Dev and asks him to pick their car. Rajni says she has already left voice message for him. Shaan says bye to the lady. Rajni asks Shaan, why did you lie to Bau ji. Shaan says he don’t have the strength to say the truth and says I came here with so much difficulty. Some goons tease Rajni. Shaan asks Rajni to give them shock. Rajni gives electric current. They get shocked. Shaan laughs and tells that this is the last journey for them. He says I can’t spend time with you again, and we shall not get upset. Rajni says it is time to rock and this time will be remembered by you. She says music and plays song….Rajni drives car then…Shaan enjoys the ride while the song plays………..

Car stops. Shaan couldn’t push it. Rajni manages to push it. Shaan is happy. Registrar says I can’t accept that our site is hacked. Shaguta says we are not married and asks him to cancel her marriage. Registrar asks who is Shaguta? Dev says she is Shaguta, and asks him to save his life. They argue. Registrar says first he will drink coffee and makes noise while drinking it. Dev and Shaguta continue to fight. Shaan tells rajni that they should go to right. Rajni scans and says we shall go to left. Shaan says I came here with Samaira. Rajni keeps hand on his heart and says Samaira’s effects is still on you. Shaan says it is good that you are not regular wife, else would have sucked my blood.

Registrar finishes tea and asks Dev and Shaguta, since when they know each other. Shaguta and Dev say since childhood. They start fighting like husband and wife. Surili tells Registrar to null this marriage. Registrar says this marriage foundation is solid and they remember even minute information of their childhood. Surili says your logic is different, this marriage is a mistake. Registrar says new generation takes an easy route and says I will make the change happen. He says you will be married only. Shaguta and Dev are shocked.

Rajni gives instructions to Shaan. Shaan asks her to keep quiet. Rajni feels him getting sleep and says do not yawn while driving. She says she will drive the car. Shaan takes a quick nap. Surili says you are thinking wrong. Registrar says the couples who fight more, love each other more. Surili asks him to process the divorce. Registrar asks them to stay together as husband and wife for six months. Surili is shocked. Dev cries. Registrar says you both have to try to stay in marriage else will get married. Shaguta says I can’t spend six months with this monkey. Dev asks him to nullify his marriage. Amrish tries to bribe him. Registrar refuses and puts stamp on the marriage certificate. He takes the sweets box and congratulates them. He says he will come and checks them.

Shaan’s car stops again. Rajni asks him to get water from the river. Shaan gets down to get water. Rajni gets down and enjoys the nature. She calls Shaan and opens her arms wide. Shaan goes near her and lifts her in his arms. Shaan asks Rajni to stop car, and goes to relieve himself. Rajni asks him to wash his hands and throws water can. Mujhe hogaya pyaar plays………..

Rajni is sitting at a dhaba. Two women ask Rajni to propose Shaan. Rajni thinks to propose him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Intrasting episode amazing journey

  2. Intrasting episode amazing journey.shaguta and dev’s fight very funny

  3. Dragging away from the plot. Wish to know what will happen when they face mattew. Will the mattew comes to know about rajni?

  4. interesting episodes amazing i love it keep going !!!

    i love the show very much!!

  5. interesting episodes i love it keep going !!!

    i love the show very much!!

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