Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 14th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 14th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish asking Surili what she is doing in the kitchen today. Surili says she is making halwa for her lovable bahu Rajni. Amrish is surprised and asks why? Surili says I am doing this to make Samaira jealous, just as Shaan was in pain when she left him. Amrish asks her to forget it. Samaira comes there and says she has brought gifts for her. She opens the gift and says same gift was given to me by Rajni, and said I love you also. She thinks she just gave a saree to me. She says there are so many lovely things about her. Samaira says like…..Surili says she wakes up, brushes like this and talks something which I don’t understand and then she sleeps. I can’t tell anything more else my bad eye will fall on her. Samaira says Rajni is so good and lovable. She apologizes

for the past. Surili says whatever happens is for good. She says you had left Shaan and that’s why Rajni became bahu of the house. We are so happy, even Shaan also. They hear Rajni singing bhajan…Ram siyaram. Amrish says it means her memory is back. They come to hall and sees Rajni singing bhajan and doing God’s aarti. Amrish thanks God.

Shaan is happy and asks Dev if Sanskari version is loaded. Dev says yes. Shaan asks did you test her. Dev says I brought her for test only. Shaan gets angry and threatens him saying if anything goes wrong then. Rajni brings aarti plate and gives aarti to everyone. Amrish says today is Diwali for me. Surili says thank god, your memory is back. I couldn’t sleep entire night even for a second. Maggie says she is Rajni…don’t you remember. Surili says Ofcourse I remember, she says my Shonu, Misri bahu…and asks her to talk something. Rajni asks what happened Amma? Why you are acting faltu like hyderabadi express. Surili says she has started talking in Hyderabadi again. Rajni asks them to fasten their belts as hyderabadi Rajni is coming. Shaan presses Dev’s neck and asks why she is talking in hyderabadi. Rajni comes to Shaan and asks what I am doing here. She says you have left me in Khushi garh after packing in suitcase. Shaan says you are not a robot, you are my Rajni.

Samaira asks why she is talking in hyderabadi. Surili says she knows many languages, and knows hyderabadi also and she is born in Hyderabad. Surili says she talks so sweetly that I love her so much. Surili begins to talk in hyderabadi. Amrish asks are you fine? Surili says please. Amrish starts speaking in hyderabadi. Dhyan and Gyan also talk in hyderabadi language. Gyan asks Samaira to talk in hyderabadi language. Shaan says you are not talking right. Rajnin says I am very happy hearing you talking in hyderabadi. She reminds of their first meeting, and says shall I present an item. Surili says no, and says you had sung a sanskari bhajan. Rajni says I had danced well on the song gundi main……………….Samaira asks did you dance on this song. Surili says it is a sanskari song…..Sharmila says all family is mad, even you Maggie. Shaan says lets go to Doctor and get the test done. Amrish says okay, and asks them to get pregnancy confirmed. Rajni says I am not pregnant and I don’t have this feature. Shaan says I told you that nothing is confirmed. Rajni asks Samaira, if you are my zulfi saiyya’s item. Shaan says she mean to say girl friend. Rajni hugs her and says she is very happy to meet her. She says we will meet later.

Shaan brings Rajni to lab……Shaan changes Rajni’s language to hindi. He switches on Rajni and asks her to activate and speak. Rajni speaks in hyderabadi again. Shaan says useless. He says what Samaira might be thinking about me. Rajni asks him to peep inside him as he made her. He asks her to think about his respect. Rajni praises Samaira’s beauty….Shaan gets happy and says I know…….He blushes. Rajni says you are standing beside Rajni and thinking about Sajni. Rajni says you both are made for each other and should marry each other. She asks did you take kiss? Shaan says so cheap? Did I kiss you after meeting. Rajni starts talking in different language and says you was about to leave me with Mathew. Shaan says I heard Mathew’s conversation while delivering you. He thought to misuse you for terror and theft, and I haven’t made you for wrong things. Rajni says okay, I will give you kiss and is about to kiss him. Samaira comes there and is shocked.

Shaan tells Samaira about scientists achievements. Samaira asks what did you make? Shaan says it is a top secret? Samaira insists to know. Shaan says a robot. Samaira looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Shann to kahe dia samaira ko rajni ek robot

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    Precapta kharap hai

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