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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish bringing RAM to Shaan’s room. RAM says it is so boring. Amrish says you can change it according to your liking. RAM gets happy. Rajni says Shaan will get upset. RAM says this is what I wanted. He says I will not get sleep here. Amrish says no problem and asks Rajni to change the room as per RAM liking. Surili comes to Shaan’s room and thinks she will get some clue. She opens Rajni’s suitcase and sees a box in it in which it was written “bad eye person’s face will turn black”. She opens the box and gets a punch on her eye by the punching toy. She gets black eye. Maggie comes there and asks her to open it. Surili asks her to open the box and see. She gets black eye too. Sharmila and Shaguta come and tell that even their eyes have turned black

after they opened the box. Surili says we have to work together and initiates Rajni Bhagawo Andolan. Maggie gives reference of Kauravas. Surili says this reference is wrong here. They come to Rajni. Rajni asks what happened?

Surili says we have put black tika on our faces to get rid of evil eye. Rajni says so much big. Surili asks her to do her work. Rajni says okay. RAM asks did you try to open my box and tells what was written in the box. Shaguta says what rubbish? Maggie was it was wrong, it should have been “evil eye would get black”. Rajni brings scrap yard stuff. Surili asks what is happening here? Rajni says these things are used by us since 5 years. Surili asks this? Dhyan comes and asks what is this garbage. He tells the proverb. Shaguta says your thinking and you are like garbage, blo*dy garbage. Dhyan says okay and goes. Surili asks Rajni to pick garbage and throw it. Rajni asks RAM to take his stuff in room, and says I will go and throw garbage out. Surili talks to Ria on phone while Shaguta is massaging her head. Sharmila is massaging Maggie’s head while Maggie is massaging Shaguta’s head. Surili asks Ria to listen to her and says Rajni will go out soon and you will enter home. She asks her to enjoy till then and try to make her hindi better. Shaguta tells that they shall get Rajni married and then she will go to jail. Maggie says she will come out on bail and says we shall send her to jungle. Sharmila jokes. Surili asks about the smell. Maggie says she took cooking oil from kitchen. Shaguta says fish oil on my hairs. Just then they hear Dhyan asking Rajni to leave him.

Surili, Shaguta, Sharmila and Maggie come there. Rajni drops him. Dhyan asks where you was taking me? Maggie says she lifted Dhyan. Rajni says Surili asked her to throw the garbage. She says Surili and Shaguta called him garbage, and that’s why she was throwing him out. Shaguta says stupid girl, I said it just like that. Rajni says you are changing your statement. Surili says I am taking my statement back and asks her to leave Dhyan. Rajni drops him. Shaguta gets an idea and commands Rajni to lift Dhyan. Rajni lifts him and drops again. Shaguta asks Rajni to hold Dhyan like this, and tells Surili that they will record this video and prove in court that she is mentally unstable. Surili praises Shaguta’s idea and asks Maggie to record in her camera. Maggie says she is not having camera in her phone. Sharmila brings her phone. Amrish comes and asks Rajni to drop him else she will land in problem.

Surili asks Dhyan to sacrifice a bit for family. Dhyan asks don’t you love your son. Surili asks him to show love for family. Amrish looks on shocked. Sharmila clicks the pic. Rajni’s battery is low. Surili says action. Dhyan asks her to leave him. Rajni drops him on floor. Surili, Shaguta and others get happy. Surili promises Dhyan that her sacrifice will not go waste.

Amrish takes Rajni to side, and asks what you have done. He says I brought you to unite family. Rajni says she is following their commands to make them happy. Amrish asks them to unite with love and not like this. He asks her to be careful and walk while blowing. Rajni blows and walks. Amrish thinks Rajni is still innocent. Shaan comes to his room and sees the scrap. Rajni comes there while blowing and says Amrish told me this. Shaan says you took literal meaning and haven’t changed. Rajni says nobody upgraded me since 5 years and makes sad face. Shaan asks where is my bed? He sees his bed there and stuff is kept on it. Shaan says he needs his room like before else. RAM asks what else? He runs behind him. Amrish asks what happened? RAM tells that CPU/Shaan is troubling her. Amrish says he is your father. RAM says you are his father and says he don’t want to talk to anyone.

Shaan and Rajni are in lab. He asks Rajni why she is lying and why did she say that he is her son. He says you are a robot and he is a human. He can’t be your son. Rajni says I tried to told you when we met after 5 years, but you stopped me. She says when you put me in crusher machine, electricity went off. I came out insearch of you and saw unattended baby. A fb is shown of the same. Rajni sees baby and reads the letter with him. His parents had written that they are very poor and their son is very ill. They can’t get his treatment or can’t bring him up. I tried searching his parents, but couldn’t find him. She says I took him to hospital.

A fb is shown. Doctor tells Rajni that the baby’s heart is weak and he needs a pacemaker. He shows pacemaker and says it is not working. Rajni repairs it and gives it back to Doctor. Doctor is surprised and says he will operate the baby with the repaired pacemaker. Fb ends. Rajni tells Shaan that she don’t called RAM as her son, but he is part of her body as one neurotic wire is attached to his pacemaker. Shaan says so you brought him up till now and says this is wrong. He says he needs to be with his parents. Rajni says I told you and says that she couldn’t find his parents. She says wherever I will go, he will come with me. Shaan asks what do you want to prove by keeping him with you. Dev comes and asks if he can answer for his question.

Shaguta tells that they will have fun provoking Shaan against Rajni. Rajni falls and Shaan holds her in a romantic pose. They have an eye lock. Surili says no and asks what is happening. Rajni says according to my data, it is called prem allingam.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Soooo cute rajini.. as being robot she is understanding mother love but whole kanth family is just selfish, as they forgot all favours done on them and even amrish is using her for his own interest..
    But hopefully shaan will understand soon

  2. Can’t wait 2 watch tmrrw’s episode…n I really like ur comments shraddha di..
    U r really a gud critic from start ur analysis of dis show is just awsm


      Thank you so much disha

  3. RAM is so cute
    Brilliant actor

  4. Wer is today’s epi? Plz update soon

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