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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan telling Kant family have given much blood and says leave Rajni. Surili asks Rajni to come. Dev comes indisguise of a nurse and asks Rajni to come. Other Nurse asks her who sent her here. Dev thinks of an answer. Just then Nurse says if Dr. Anurag sent you. Dev says yes. Dev makes Rajni lie on the bed. Mathew comes and asks if you saw Dev. Shaan says my wife Rajni is giving blood and she is a human, good human. Dhyan and Gyan say that their wives have given blood too. Dev asks Rajni to act as dizzy. She acts. Dev and Shaan take her to room. Surili asks Mathew to donate blood as well. Mathew refuses. Amrish insists. Mathew gets tensed seeing syringe. Bubbles looks for wine and sees the bottles empty. Shaan asks dev how did you get blood from her. Dev says it is

wine, and says Rajni is a robot. Shaan says I am so proud of me and you have become clever because of me. Dev tells Shaan that his respect is at stake as Mathew is after him. Shaan asks him to entertain him. Shaan asks Rajni to tell that it is her blood, if anyone asks her. Just then bubbles come there feeling wine smell. She says good smell is smelling. Shaan says I have brought new perfume.

Bubbles says there is wine here. Shaan asks are you joking? Bubbles says I never joke about wine and my nose is very sharp. She smells and gets wine in glucose bottle. Dev says it is blood. Bubbles says you can’t fool me. She says nobody can fool me. Dev says it is blood. She says it is 100 percent wine. Shaan says no bua. It is Rajni’s blood and shows the syringe and pipe attached to her hand. Bubbles shouts Rajni’s blood is wine, and faints. Shaan says Bua needs a chance to faint. Dev says I have treatment for your drunkard bua. Dev asks Rajni to hold the pipe and makes Bubbles drinks wine. Shaan says Bua is drinking blood. Rajni says she is a vampire. Amrish tells Mrs. Deewan that he can give blood every month. Mrs. deewan tells Surili that she needs Rajni’s help for an event as she is smart. Dhyan says yes, we will send her, as she is a combo of heart and beauty. Sharmila goes angrily. Amrish also praises her. Surili gets irked and asks Amrish to drink coffee. Amrish says I was talking about Rajni. Surili asks him to stop his rajni puran and goes. Amrish follows her.

Sharmila tels dhyan that she can’t stay in this house again as this seems to be like jail. She ask why we are not shifting from here? Dhyan asks her to stop it. Sharmila tells her that she will be giving that money for their flat and asks him to manage for truck. Dhyan says what you are doing and asks her not to do. Sharmila fills her inner wears in the bag. Gyan comes and says Amrish asked him to give 50 Lakhs. Dhyan says I will give. They argue. Gyan takes him from there.

Amrish tells Rajni that you have won my heart. Gyan and Dhyan comes. Dhyan says I will pay money for truck. Amrish says okay. Rajni tells Dhyan that this is not money bag, but it is having clothes. Dhyan says it is having money. Amrish says I will check. Dhyan asks him to give the bag. Rajni says I will check. Dhyan tries to take the bag. Rajni takes out clothes from the bag. Amrish asks what is this? Rajni says this is ladies under garments. Surili comes and asks why food is not cooked till now. She sees Rajni holding the inner wear and asks about it. Rajni tells her that it is inner wear. Surili asks why you are displaying it. Sharmila comes and scolds Rajni for showing her personal clothes to everyone. Rajni says dhyan have a misunderstanding that this bag have money. She says I am so proud of me that I was right. Amrish says if this bag was opened in the shop then we must be insulted. Sharmila scolds Dhyan. Amrish asks him to bring money bag and asks him to go after breakfast.

Gyan asks where is your concentration. Amrish asks Dhyan to thank Rajni. Surili asks amrish to make Rajni understand not to do this again, as it is embarassing. Amrish asks her to calm down. Gyan makes fun of him. Dev collides with Shaguta and she scolds him. They argue. Dev asks her to use her mind. Shaan tells Rajni that it is a sensitive matter and tells ladies should feel shy. Rajni says I feel shy, but have circuits inside. Shaan says it is awkward, weird to show ladies inner wear. Rajni says why advertisements are shown, and why models wear innerwear for the show. Shaan explains to her that it is their work and says we can’t display after wearing and that becomes awkward, not good. Rajni says ok Pareshan. HE asks her to save her in memory. He says he is going to meet Mathew today, and if he gets a good investment then he will make her water proof, fire proof and bullet proof. He asks her to take care being adarsh bahu and not deviate from the program. Rajni says command accepted and says bye Pareshan. She thinks to become adarsh patni for becoming adarsh bahu.

Rajni tells Dhyan that she will bring his lost money. She sits down in the club to play cards and says he wants his money back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. The wine thingy was quite funny hhahahah

  4. omg ! a cute robot feeling guilty like girlfriend and wife and her shameful acting super…i am also thinking, in this time only robots are ideal human and humans are turning to animals….

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