Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 13th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhyan and Sharmila seeing each other from their side of home. Rajni looks at them. Sharmila tries to speak to him. Rajni switches on I love you on the board…..Dhyan smiles looking at it. Sharmila says you are looking cute. Dhyan says I wanted to see you smiling. Sharmila asks why you are smiling? Dhyan says just because you said I love you. Sharmila says you didn’t do this, and says I felt you want to apologize to you for calling me by different names. Dhyan says a proverb. Sharmila asks what does it mean? Rajni comes and says Nana ji forgot to tell its meaning. Dhyan says if we haven’t done this arrangements then who did. He asks Rajni, if she did? Rajni nods. Dhyan asks her not to unite them as he doesn’t love her anymore. He goes. Sharmila says you came in

between us, and says I was about to say him sorry. Rajni asks her not to wait and apologize. Sharmila goes. Rajni thinks her hardwork have gone waste.

Rajni switches off the board. Shaguta thinks Rajni is a best actress. She says she can’t let anybody live peacefully and can’t see her happiness. Amrish says I am seeing someone talking about herself. Shaguta says she is talking about lady naradmuni/Rajni. Surili asks if Rajni got fine. Amrish asks what happened to her? Shaguta says it was her drama, she is so manipulating and is responsible for every trouble at home. Amrish asks her to stop it. Surili asks him to accept it. Amrish asks them to stop talking negative. Surili says I won’t let him melt now, and will take Dhyan and Gyan at my side. I will kick Rajni like she hit kalash. Shaguta says yes mom, and says I am waiting for that morning. Shaguta pats hand on her back and she is about to fall from the balcony, laughs……….

Dhyan and Amrish continue to act as enemies. Dhyan asks what is in food? Rajni says khichdi. She says until someone brings grains and vegetables etc. Amrish looks at his watch and says come fast…..Surili asks what happened? You are calling whom? Amrish says I have ordered food from outside today, even for the servants. Delivery guy comes and gives the order saying that the amount is 1800. Amrish checks the lists so that Dhyan feels his loss. He pays the money. Delivery guy asks him to take second order which is on Dhyan Kant’s name. Dhyan asks what? Amrish says he is Dhyan kant. He asks delivery guy to go there and collect money for the parcel. Dhyan says he got a good job and will soon earn. He asks delivery guy to take back the parcel. Delivery guy says it is already paid. Amrish asks Surili, did you pay? Surili says no, and asks Amrish if he ordered food for Dhyan. Amrish asks him to tell truth. Surili says no. Rajni says you didn’t order it, and says it is can contain poison too as it is sent by a stranger.

Dhyan looks at Amrish. Surili scolds him. Amrish says I am his father and can’t mix poison in his food. Surili says ofcourse I know, you have Baapta in you. Amrish asks Surili to tell Aishwarya to take out evil eye before serving food. Surili says Amrish…..

Shaan comes and says what a smell? He asks who brought the parcel? Rajni says I don’t know. Shaan says I will eat it. Rajni says I won’t let anybody eat it. Dhyan says she is right and asks them to eat khichdi. Shaan says my face has become like khichdi. They sit for having food. Shaan stares Amrish having food. Amrish relishes paneer. Rajni asks Shaan not to stare others’ food and do work and earn money. Shaan says I work for 24 hours and you know my project. Dhyan says I have no work like you. Shaan says I do work for 24 hours. Dhyan says we need money. Shaan says I will earn money and need paneer. Surili couldn’t eat. Rajni asks if everyone has to eat. Dhyan says yes. Rajni says I have to find work also. Rajni searches for job in the newspaper. Dhyan asks Rajni to bless him as he is going for job interview. Rajni asks him to take his parents blessings. Dhyan says dad is angry now. Rajni says you will get their blessing, and brings Amrish and Surili’s photo frame. She says I am sure they will bless you. Dhyan seeks their blessings. He gets blessings from Surili, all the best through text message.

Rajni says good…She says I am also going to search job. Dhyan says what was the need. Rajni says I need blessings too, and touches photo to take blessings. She asks Dhyan if he got message again. Dhyan says no. He says you are not human, but an angel. Rajni says no. He says you thought about everyone’s betterment, but they are upset with you. He says how can bau ji be so heartless. Rajni says even elders can get upset, and when humans are angry, they get strange. Dhyan says okay, I will leave. Rajni says 1 min, and says she has packed tiffin for him. Dhyan asks her to take tiffin with her. Rajni says I don’t get hungry. This tiffin is 100 percent leak proof, and food will be fresh. They say all the best to each other. Surili thinks Rajni will do job now and is tensed.

Rajni goes for job interview and is declined job as she is not having certificated. Surili offers her job and says it doesn’t need certificates. She says she needs a bai/servant. Rajni agrees to do the job. Surili asks are you sure. Rajni is happy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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