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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 13th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni going to temple and see the Shivling to capture its image. Dev asks Shaan to get up and threatens to kill himself and his creation if anything happens to Shaan. He asks him to wake up. Just then he sees Rajni piercing the mountain and asks Rajni what she is doing? Rajni says I am making God closer to his bhakt/devotee. Shaan is still unconscious. Dev sees Shivling made on the mountain and is surprised. Shaan gains consciousness. Dev asks Shaan to look there. Shaan gets up. People gather there to see the Shivling. Amrish also comes there. Shaan says unbelievable. Pandit ji says there was a big stone here, and asks from where did this Shivling came? Rajni says I made it so that my husband can fulfill the ritual. Everyone is happy. Shaan goes and hugs her. Amrish

says it takes days to make this Shivling and asks how did you make it in just 15 mins. Shaan says it is love power. Pandit ji says you said right. Amrish blesses Rajni for long life. Pandit ji says this Shivling will be kept here and will be of same importance just as temple Shivling. He says it will be remembered always that a wife made this Shivling so that her husband can complete his fast. He says bum bum bole.

Amrish tells Shaan that he is very lucky and thanks Rajni. Rajni asks Shaan to put water on the Shivling and complete the ritual. Shaan puts water on the Shivling as he brings from the river. Rajni smiles as Shaan completes the ritual. Rajni says bahubali Shaan. Shaan looks on smiling.

Amrish tells Surili and Shaguta that Rajni made same Shivling just as it was kept in the temple. Shaguta says ICBI( I can’t believe it). Amrish says she made it so that Shaan can do the rituals. Shaguta says Rajni must be in a hurry to go on a honeymoon. Surili asks if there was any idol maker there. Amrish says I thought you will ask this and says she made Shivling with her hand all alone. He tells Shaan that he is lucky to get a wife for Rajni. Shaan says I made her. He asks can I go on a honeymoon now. Amrish says yes, and asks him to see his condition. He asks him to take rest and go tomorrow. Surili also says the same. Amrish presses his feet and says today this father will bring take care of his son. Amrish asks Rajni to take rest. Rajni says I don’t rest and asks Shaan, shall I go to lab. Shaan asks her to go and charge herself fully, and then asks her to charge the laptop. Amrish asks Shaan to bring Rajni back safely. Surili says Rajni is very much happy here. Amrish asks him to promise. Shaan promises and thinks how to tell them that they are seeing Rajni for last time.

Later Shaan talks to Rajni. Rajni says today is the last night here for me. She says I have written down the list which will help you after I go from here. Shaan checks the lists. Rajni gives digestion tablets for Amrish, green tea for Surili, infrared sensor for Gyan, cube for Maggie, proverb’s book for Sharmila and Dhyan, CDs’ for Kuhu, cold water bag for Shaguta and sandwiches for Dev. Shaan says there are so many things for everyone, but nothing for me. Rajni says you don’t need these things, but someone who can take care of you. She asks him to bring his Samaira. Shaan says I have just my Rajni, and nobody can take your place. He says I miss you…Rajni says I can’t miss you, as I don’t have this feature. Shaan says I wish I could add this feature also. He hugs her and says I am so proud of you Rajni….

Dev hugs Amrish and cries sayiang Rajni is going on a honey moon. Amrish says I am seeing for the first time that a brother is crying. Surili happily says she don’t know how she will stay without Rajni. Amrish says your words aren’t matching with your face. Surili says she is sad at heart. Amrish says we will stop them. Surili says let them go, I will shop and will try to miss Rajni for some time. Amrish asks Shaan not to leave Rajni even for a min, and asks him to bring her in one piece. Amrish asks where is Rajni. He calls her. Surili asks Rajni to go fast. Shaan says she is taking so much time. Rajni comes wearing a nice outfit and says I am here bau ji. She asks Surili and Amrish to bless them for their honeymoon. Amrish and Surili bless them. Amrish says two are going, but three will come. Rajni says I am sorry Bau ji, only one will return. They are shocked.

Rajni is driving the car, while Shaan is enjoying the ride while on their honeymoon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Rajni tussi ja rage ho??
    Tussi na jao!!!!
    Awsom series hope rajni teaches Mandy a good lesson and come back to Kant family.

  2. How to post the written update here? Yest nobody updated 13th june episode… i wanted to update but didnt understand how to? If somebody could guide me…

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