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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan asking Rajni what is her new drama? Rajni says I am going to be your baby’s mum. Shaan asks how you will become mum..and asks will you give birth to small robots? He says you are just tin box. Rajni says you are calling your wife as tin box. Shaan asks who fed this program in you. Rajni says Maggie. She says my pati is my only mine. I will all the things to control my husband. Shaan says this is happening because your memory chip is lost. Dev comes there and scolds Shaan for impregnating machine. He says you didn’t leave machine also. Shaan says I am ashamed to call you my friend. He asks how can a robot get pregnant. He says she is acting as Maggie said. Rajni says I am going to be mum of your child. Shaan says this is happening because of you and

asks him to find the chip. He says he is going to talk to Samaira. Dev thinks to use his mind and recalls Shaguta coming there. He thinks Shaguta came on that day, and thinks she must have stolen that chip. He asks Rajni to wait there and goes to search chip, after switching off lights. Shaan comes to Samaira and says sorry. Samaira says why you are apologizing and for what? Shaan says I accept that our relation didn’t work, and says I am not that have also done a mistake. Samaira asks him to play billiards and counts her mistakes.

Shaan thinks about her mistakes and couldn’t recall anything. He says what is this game. Samaira laughs and says my turn. She says you are sorry as you was careless. you never took responsibility of anything, and says even I made the proposal as you brought stupid robotic thing which had shaken me. Shaan says it was a robotic thing. Samaira says you have never realized your mistakes…Shaan says no ball is left now. Samaira says but not your mistakes..She says finally you got a better girl than me. Shaan says Samaira…my marriage with Rajni, her pregnancy…

Samaira asks him to stop it and says you don’t need to justify your actions. She says we had a history, but the present is this that you are happily married. She asks him to accept the fact and grow up as he is going to be dad. Shaan tells himself to tell Samaira that Rajni is a robot and can’t give birth. He calls Samaira and says good night. Samaira says you couldn’t tell your heart and feelings, one more mistake.

Dev comes to Shaguta’s room and searches for the memory chip. Shaguta wakes up and calls him Mathew. She says I was with you, my Mathew in dreams and is about to kiss him. Dev says who is Mathew? Shaguta says just you and me. Dev thinks she is dreaming in sleep and asks her to go as Mathew is there. Shaguta comes again and says you are Matty baby. Dev thinks it is a good idea and thinks to find out about chip. He talks to her like Mathew. Shaguta says I miss you and hugs him. Dev asks do you have any chip. Shaguta says yes, I have it in cupboard. Dev finds Potato chips instead, and asks some other chip. Shaguta says that chip is there. Dev says I am not talking about banana chip and asks about memory chip. Shaguta says I don’t have. Dev thinks she is not lying in sleep. Shaguta asks him to call her by her nicknames. Dev calls her nicknames whatever she tells. Dev throws water on her face to bring her in senses and says you touched me. They argue.

Shaan comes back to lab and switches on the lights. He asks Rajni, can she scan girl’s mind. Rajni says command impossible as there are many secrets in girl’s mind, which even sea don’t have. She says girls are complicated. Shaan says my robot is more complicated. He says you wanted me to meet Samaira, but now your memory chip is lost and you have become villain. Rajni says sorry and says only one command is fed in me. My husband is only me. Shaan asks what you will do to unfollow the command. Rajni says I can’t unfollow the command until I gets memory chip. Dev comes to lab and tells Shaan that Shaguta tried to get closer to me. Rajni says I know, this is love. Dev says never. Shaan says I will throw you in lake, if you don’t get this chip. He gets an idea and tells Dev that Rajni can scan all the world. He asks Rajni to scan the lab for the memory chip. Rajni scans for the chip and finds the chip beneath the table. Shaan jumps with joy. Rajni says it is beneath the table. They lift the table and gets it. Shaan dance happily and says my Rajni. He asks Dev to load and reprogram Rajni, also make her adarsh bahu like before. He says I will sleep till now. Dev asks him to do the work. Shaan threatens him showing hammer. Dev says I will do. He tells Rajni that he will feed her memory back. Rajni says okay.

Amrish is happy that Rajni’s memory is back. Surili asks Rajni to speak something. Rajni starts speaking in hyderabadi and asks why she is overacting. Dev gets tensed. Rajni says hyderabadi Rajni came.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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