Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kant family seeing paper in fridge. Shaguta reads the note in which Rajni has written that they have to eat diet food only, and once she makes a commitment, she don’t listen to herself. Shaan and Amrish comes there. Amrish asks if she was stealing food. Surili says she was just walking. RAM asks her to bear for sometime. Rajni says lets meet in the morning and asks them to sleep. In the morning, Rajni makes all Kant family do exercise. Surili asks can I sit under shelter. Shaan says you need Vitamin D. Surili says I will get dark complexion. Amrish asks her to apply sunscreen lotion. Rajni gives juice to them. Some of them drinks it. Sharmila throws it in plant. Amrish checks her weight and it comes as 75. He says weight machine is not broken this time. Surili

gets happy and says she managed to work hard to lose weight. Amrish asks Rajni to get woods for lori. Rajni says we can’t cut trees for lori, as we have to save trees. Shaan says from where to get wood now. Amrish asks Rajni to burn the waste things in the house to celebrate lori. Rajni accepts his command.

Later in the evening, all Kant family are celebrating lohri and taking rounds around the burning wood. Amrish says his heart is happy and says they shall take a pic. Shaguta says she will bring her phone and gets inside the house, shouts. Surili asks what happened and goes inside the house. Rajni says oh..oh..and goes inside. Surili asks where is the furniture. Rajni says I have taken. Surili asks where is the furniture? Rajni says it is burning outside. Everyone is shocked. Rajni says Bau ji said that he needs wood for lohri and that’s why I had broken the furniture and got wood. A fb is shown. Amrish laughs heavily. Surili says you are laughing…Amrish says I am laughing because of her innocence, and asks them not to worry, as sofa and furniture can be bought again. He says lets celebrate Lohri. Dhyan says bura na maano lohri hai..Shaguta goes to get her phone. She comes out and clicks everyone’s pics. RAM jumps and sits on Surili’s lap. Everyone take pics while dancing.

Next day, Maggie reads make up tips and thinks to use Sharmila’s make up box and get modelling offers. She reads the steps, but couldn’t get eye shadow. She throws the make up box in air. It hits Rajni, and she gets blind and swirls. Maggie asks Rajni to help her and do her eye make up. Rajni says I couldn’t see. She applies eye shadow under her eye also. Gyan calls Maggie and asks her to give his tie. Maggie asks Rajni to give tie to Gyan. Rajni searches for the tie, and thinks vision is not clear. She thinks to use her sensors like human, and touches things. She holds the snake and thinks it is a tie. She gives it to Gyan.

Gyan is talking to someone and is happy to convince someone to hear his idea. Snake drinks milk. Gyan thinks he might have drink milk while talking on phone and calls Maggie. Surili feels good after coming back from walk and thinks she will not thank Rajni. She makes green tea and drinks it. Rajni comes there, and collides with kitchen stuff. A pineapple falls on Surili’s head. Rajni tells Surili that her cap is good.

Surili asks if this is a cap. Rajni tells her that her vision is not clear and she couldn’t see. Gyan asks Maggie to tie his tie. Maggie comes and says she couldn’t see her face because of him. Gyan laughs seeing Maggie’s make up. Maggie gets scared seeing snake. Shaguta comes and laughs seeing Maggie. She is shocked too. Gyan asks what happened? Amrish tells him that snake is on his neck. Gyan runs in the house. Amrish says it is on your neck. Gyan throws snake and it falls on Maggie. Maggie throws it on Amrish. Amrish asks snake why did it come here. Rajni comes and thinks they are playing pass in the parcel game and thinks to play with them. She says a family that plays together, stays together. Amrish throws snake. Rajni catches it and thinks they are playing game with tie, gun game. Surili comes and asks what is happening. Rajni asks her to catch and throws snake on her. Surili is shocked and scared.

Rajni holds her ears and apologizes to Surili. Surili refuses to forgive her. Rajni thinks to give Surili’s favorite things. RAM tells Shaan that may be Rajni has a vision problem. Shaan asks Amrish, if he saw Rajni. Amrish says she went out to bring pineapple for Surili. Shaan thinks if she will bring pineapple or its lookalike.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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