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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev asking Rajni what is wrong with her. He says when you had already talked and took a decision then why did you refuse for divorce. He says your creator hates you. Amrish comes and asks him not to scold her. He says I gave her command. Rajni says yes, he gave me command. Dev asks what about my command? Rajni says according to her logic, she thought to accept Amrish’s command as he is elder. Amrish says your anger is justified and says this is not business but relations which don’t end quickly. She says our house needs Rajni. She is the one who can unite everyone. Dev asks what about Rajni? If she breaks uniting family. Amrish says I won’t let this happen. He says even RAM have the right to stay with his family and hear bed time stories from us, demands things

from his Chacha and Chachi etc. He asks him to have a big heart and promises that he won’t let Rajni get hurt. Rajni says she don’t have the feature to feel bad now and even then. Amrish blesses her. Rajni tells Dev that she has to return to that house.

At Kant house. Ria is shocked to know that divorce didn’t happen. Surili says I didn’t know that law’s hands are so big that it will reach my house. Vikram asks what is the plan. Shaan asks them to go on a short vacation and says till then this marriage will be resolved. Ria asks till when? Surili says 6 months. Shaan says court asked them to reconcile and says we have to follow court orders. Ria says so Rajni will stay here with Shaan. Surili says I guarantee that Rajni will not stay here for long. Shaguta says her mind runs more than a vamp. She asks Ria to give last chance to Shaan. Ria says they are going now, but she will marry Shaan only if he gets divorce. Shaan tells Ria that he doesn’t know that Rajni will refuse for divorce. Ria says and I don’t know that you people are like this.

Shaguta tells Vikram that they can marry naa. Vikram is silent. Shaguta says she will wait for him. Vikram asks her to take care. Ria and Vikram leaves. Surili says she will miss her.

RAM tells Dev that he don’t want to go to that house and throws pillow on him. Rajni says RAM….Dev says your mum wants to go as per her logic. RAM says I don’t want to go there, everyone hates me. Rajni says they don’t hate you, and is trapped in problems. We have to solve their problems. RAM refuses to come. Rajni says I am going alone and asks Dev if I go alone, who will charge me, protect me, and take care of me. She signs Dev. Dev says I am busy and can’t take of you. He asks her to take care of herself. Rajni says I don’t know what they will do if they come to know that I am a robot, and says I am going there with Ram’s trust and not RAM. RAM tells Rajni that he is also coming with her and says he is going to protect her and if anyone troubles his MOBO then he will not leave anyone, specially that boring uncle. Dev says logically he is your Papa. RAM shouts no. Dev says you will become his dad, and asks him not to let anyone know that Rajni is a robot. RAM says okay. He says even MOBO learnt the feature to emotional blackmail others like humans. Rajni says good bye Dev. Dev asks her to take care.

Amrish writes the expenses amount. Surili accuses Rajni as the expenses got wasted. Amrish asks why you are blaming her. Gyan brings pastries. Surili asks Amrish if he is celebrating as they are ruined. He says we have lost 80 crores because of your disgusting idea of business expansion of lorry. She says you have no right to eat pastry. Amrish writes on the board 80 crores. He says now who will eat it. He comes to Surili and says lets start with you. You tried to sell your saree company 10 crores shares for 50 crores shares, and we have saved Shaguta from going to jail after she had stolen designs. Shaguta says Dhyan had wasted 45 crores for becoming hero and producer. Sharmila says I hate you for this and says you would have given me 10 crores, I would have gone to see world hiring private jet. Dhyan says you have wasted 15 crores in your parties. Sharmila says I thought they will be useful to us. Maggie insults her. Sharmila says your brother Balwant duped us of Rs. 30 crores by selling us waste land. Maggie says my brother was helping us. She asks Amrish to write Gyan’s mistake, and says he lost 30 crores in share market. He says everyone’s value is written on the board and asks who will eat cake now.

Dhyan says I was trying to help you. Maggie says Daddy ji’s loss is big. They argue. Shaan comes and asks them to stop arguments. He says everyone has equal contribution. Surili says now only a miracle can save us. Just then Rajni and RAM comes there with their stuff. Rajni says hello everyone. RAM sees cake and says pastries….yummy. Amrish says he has the right to have cake pastries as his heart is clean and he didn’t contribute to their loss. Rajni says I heard everything and says there will be no gain if you fight. She says you all have same problem, you don’t want to stay with each other. Its okay, and says nobody want to find out solution for the problem. She asks them to make the environment good and for that you people have to stop fighting and hating each other. Amrish smiles.

Shaan looks on and thinks Rajni is saying truth. If she came here to make things fine or to ruin more. Surili says blah blah blah. RAM asks Shaan to stop staring his mum and says she is under my protection. Surili says this was remaining. RAM shouts telling her that he didn’t come here with his wish, but because of his MOBO. He says if anyone troubles my MOBO then……Surili asks what? RAM says then see….and warns them. He says this is my warning to everyone. Amrish smiles. Dhyan says this small kid is threatening us and showing attitude. Shaguta says seriously, he is small and threatening us. RAM calls her aunty and warns her. Shaguta says aunty….Rajni says RAM..don’t misbehave with elders. RAM says even elders shouldn’t talk to us this way. Shaguta says lets go. Amrish welcomes Rajni and RAM. He takes them to their room. Surili tells Shaan that she will kick Rajni out in a month and says this is my promise to you. Amrish says I promise that I won’t let Rajni go even for a day.

Shaguta asks Rajni to lift Dhyan and throw him on ground. Rajni accepts her command and do it as she says. Shaguta tells Surili that she will ask Rajni to throw Dhyan in trash and record everything to prove that she is mentally unstable in court. Dhyan asks Rajni to leave him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ram is so cuteeeee


    So cute… but I hope Dev visit Kanth house too and make shaan realise truth..

  3. The show has become bore after 5 years leap.Now it is just another saas-bahu drama

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