Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 13th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili telling Amrish that how can he feel her pain? Amrish says I always lose from you. Surili asks how can she win? Rajni says there is a patience needed to play the game. She says your concentration was on me to make me lose. Amrish says you said right. Surili asks her to go. Rajni asks her not to play game with her again. Amrish laughs. He says next time Rajni will lose and asks her to go. Rajni keeps milk tray and goes. Surili gets Mrs. Deewan’s call. Surili says no for her request. She then agrees to keep blood donation camp at their house and says media will be called. Amrish thinks that’s why she agreed. Surili asks him to inform everybody at home. Dhyan talks on phone. Just then Sharmila comes there and says she is punished because of Rajni. She says we

shall go and stay at our new house. Dhyan says we have to pay 50 Lakhs more. Sharmila says you don’t deserve me, I am too good for you. I am leaving. Dhyan is about to keep 50 Lakhs in almari. Sharmila thinks he brought money to get their house, and says you really love me. Dhyan asks her to listen to him. Sharmila says she wants to be far from saas, family etc. She says only we will stay in the house. Dhyan thinks how to tell her that this money is for truck and not flat. Sharmila informs him that Surili lost from Rajni in cards competition. Dhyan thinks his money will be doubled in this thing.

Shaan calls Rajni and asks where was you? Rajni says I was socially with mom’s friends. Shaan says what a waste of time. HE says I am here. Rajni says I know. Shaan asks why you are not facing towards me. Rajni says you told me not to show my face to you. Shaan says you are still thinking about it. He says we are husband and wife, and you interact with my family more, he asks her to get used to the arguments. He asks her to look at him. Rajni asks him to give command and try to see her face. Rajni hides her face with pillow. Shaan sees her face in mirror and asks her not to take his words literally when he is angry.

Rajni says you are always angry on me as I couldn’t do any work properly. Shaan says no, I am not angry on you, but angry on myself. I don’t want any flaws in you, and wants you to the best robot. He asks what is tomorrow’s plan. Rajni says tomorrow is the blood donation camp. Shaan says good, give good amount of blood.

Next day at the blood donation camp. Surili asks Mrs. Deewan why did she call Media, and says they can do this charity work without telling anyone. She clicks for photo and says she likes to do charity. She says charity begins at home, so why not at Surili Kant’s home. Maggie asks Gyan, how can anyone give blood? Gyan says you don’t know as you just drink it. Shaan asks Rajni about it. Rajni says I told you yesterday. Shaan says I thought it is some other camp. Mrs. Deewan says lets inaugurates it. Surili asks where is the ribbon? Mrs. Deewan says we will start donation camp with your blood. Surili gets tensed. Amrish jokes. Surili says my bahu will give blood. Rajni says I can’t give blood. Surili asks why not? This is a humanity work. Rajni says humanity is in humans. Surili asks aren’t you human? Shaan says she don’t want to give blood before elders. Amrish says my heart got happy. Surili asks Amrish to donate blood first. Amrish asks her to donate blood first and calls her fearless and courageous. Surili asks him to lie down on the bed silently. Amrish says my phone is ringing and tries to go.

Surili asks Dhyan and Gyan to make him lie on the bed. Amrish panics and shouts. Shaan says you are punjab’s tiger. Amrish says Doctor asked me not to give blood as I drank much wine. Surili says he is not our doctor. Amrish gives his blood. Maggie tells Gyan that she is afraid of syringe. Sharmila says I will get weak if I donate blood. Dhyan says I will give blood on your behalf also. Dev comes there and says I came to take Rajni home. Surili asks Dev, where you will take Rajni as you stays in our house for 20 hours. She asks him to donate blood also. Dev lie down on bed. Mathew comes and takes Dev from there, saying your truth will be out. Maggie and Sharmila argue with each other. Amrish says stop them. Rajni says well done, why you are fighting over bengali and punjabi. She takes out their blood and says blood is same, then who is the person who made the difference. Mrs. Deewan praises Rajni and asks her to come and donate blood. Shaan says let it be, as everyone gave the blood.

Bubbles tells that she got the wine. Shaan says it is Rajni’s blood. Bubbles says Rajni is not having blood but wine…and is shocked. Rajni smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Rajini love U lots….. ur acting is rocking…. specially today when giving demonstration on blood… enjoyed the episode…


    Ha ha ha ha…..?????
    All tym I watch this show it made me laugh????????? and laugh??????? and laugh????? and laugh????……..

  3. Rajni can tell she has ab group.. .

  4. all time’s best bro is dev after me dev will give two bottles of blood

  5. Hahahahaha this show never fails to make me laugh

  6. luv u rajni and shaan.u r the best jodi-RAJNISH…………….

  7. love you shaan and rajani

  8. again dev came to rescue

  9. HBRK rocksssss!

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