Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili giving speech paper to Rajni. Rajni says I have feed it in my system. Surili asks how can it be possible? Rajni says my system is super fast made by Shaan. Surili is shocked. Shaan says she wants to say that anyone can tell about you, all good things as there is no bad things. He says I have taught her how to read papers fast. Surili says there should be no mistake. Surili’s friends praise her for her idea of Chocolate Ganpati. Surili boasts about her idea and says she will immerse Ganpati in milk and distribute the milk shake among poor kids. Maggie brings Rajni. Surili asks Rajni to read the speech properly. Bubbles tells Amartya that Rajni is fine perfectly. Amartya says don’t worry, I will expose her. Rajni says hello ladies and gentleman…suddenly

her circuits sparks inside and she keeps silent. Sharmila asks Rajni to say and says she has written her heart out. Shaan goes to Rajni and says she has a bad throat. Amrish says it is okay and asks Maggie to read the speech. Maggie says I can’t read someone’s written speech. Amrish asks Sharmila to read.

Sharmila says she has a bad throat too. Amrish says who will read now? Kuhu says I have an idea and tells that Rajni can explain to Shaan by sign language and he will understand. Everyone likes the idea. Shaan asks Rajni to sign him. Surili says I am ready to hear my appraise. Rajni signs…Shaan says my mom is like a big balloon which can burst at any time. Everyone is shocked. Shaan says Rajni wants to say that my mum’s heart is like a big balloon and have oxygen for everyone. He says she means to say that oxygen is needed for life…Surili says yes, Rajni wants to say this. Rajni acts while Shaan reads. He says mum does donation just for showing off. He then reads that Surili wants to press necks of bahus, and then says hugs bahu. Surili thinks why did Rajni not read speech written by me. She takes Maggie and Sharmila inside. Rajni collapses and falls. Shaan looks on shockingly and thinks why did you crash infront of all. He thinks it is difficult to make excuses. Amrish asks them to call ambulance and doctor. Shaan says I will reboot her and make her refresh. He says I have glucose. He lifts Rajni and takes her to lab.

Amrish says bewakhoof/stupid scientist. Surili tells Amrish that she asked Rajni to read the speech, and she didn’t read that. Amrish says it might be a misunderstanding as Rajni didn’t do this intentionally. Surili says she did this intentionally and says I will not leave it. Shaan finds green solution in her system…and says if it reaches her nervous system then she will have a vision loss. He takes out her head and keep it aside. Dev says if anyone comes and sees her like this. Shaan takes out her food pouch and asks Dev if he made her eat chutney and samosa. Dev says no. Shaan says how does this liquid go inside her. Rajni says it is prasad, Bubbles bua and Amu mamu made me drink it. Shaan says I asked you to maintain distance from him. Rajni says I have followed your commands, and says Bubbles made her drink it.

Just then Surili knocks on the door. Shaan hides Rajni’s body and face and makes Dev sleep. He covers Dev with blanket. Surili and Amrish come inside. They hear voice coming from back. Shaan says voice is coming from here because of the system, I have invented. Surili asks why didn’t you read the speech given by me. Rajni says I read the speech which you had given me. Surili is shocked. Rajni says I don’t have feature to lie. Surili says so you mean to say that I have written that I am like a balloon who can burst at anytime. Shaan says how can Rajni say this…..He beats Dev with stick and acts as beating Rajni. Amrish says bewakhoof scientist. Dev shouts. Surili asks why she is shouting in male voice. Shaan says she is in pain. Amrish asks him not to beat Rajni. Surili says it is okay. She finds the envelope and reads it. She thinks it is not the same speech which she had given her. Amrish says I will see? Surili says it is okay. Bubbles comes to lab and asks Shaan what happened to our bahu. She asks if Rajni is fine? She sees male hands and gets shocked. Shaan covers blanket on Dev’s hand, and asks Bubbles to let her take rest.

Amartya thinks who is Rajni actually? He thinks she is not normal human or alien also. He asks what happened to Rajni? Shaan asks him to tell and give medicine to her. Amartya asks Bubbles to come. Shaan thinks something is going on in Amartya’s mind….and thinks to find out.

Shaan asks Rajni to activate bionic sync now…He says it is like two bodies, one soul mode.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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