Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni switching off herself to save her battery. Aishwarya feels bad for Shaan and thinks even Rajni is not bad at heart, why did she do this? She thinks I can’t do work today. Rajni comes and says Shaan asked me to help everyone. We will cook together. Aishwarya says how did you do this with Shaan? You are thinking about family and not about Shaan. Rajni says nobody have food since yesterday and says I have to cheer up everyone. Aishwarya says I thought you are good at heart, but you don’t have a heart. Rajni says yes, you said right that I don’t have heart. Aishwarya says now I am sure that you have pushed Shaan, and goes. Rajni says that means you will not help me to cook food. She chops vegetables and makes food fast. Her battery again sparks. Shaguta asks

her workers to work 24 hours and says she wants everything ready before the deadline. Rajni says Shagu didi and says food is ready, do you want to taste it. Shaguta says I will not food served with your hand. Rajni says okay command accepted. She holds the utensils in her mouth and serves on the table. Everyone is worried about Shaan. Amrish asks them to come and have food. He calls Aishwarya and asks her to serve food for everyone. Rajni comes and says that Aishwarya got scared from her and ran away. She tells Shaguta that she made food with her mouth and legs. Amrish asks what is this joke? Maggie says I will not eat food. Even Gyan refuses to eat. Kuhu comes and says she is hungry.

Dhyan says we will order food from outside. Surili comes and says nobody will be hungry. She says Shaan is fine and we all will eat food and says Rajni will not eat food. Rajni says okay mummy ji. Amrish says I never hope this from you. He says you don’t have any repentance on your face and is challenging Surili that you don’t care about her. Door bell rings. Dhyan says there is a courier for Rajni. Surili reads it and says it is a court notice. You have to go for a court hearing. Rajni says okay, I will come. Surili says I know you are hiding your tension, but I will drag you to court. Rajni says no need, you don’t need to drag me to court, I will come with you by myself, your son asked me to take care of everyone else he will feel bad. Surili says Shaan is my son now. Rajni says you have told me not to take his Shaan with my mouth. Surili gets angry. Amrish asks her not to argue with her and asks who is our lawyer. Surili thinks my lawyer gave me guarantee to keep you behind bars.

Rajni tells Kuhu that her gadget needs to be charged and tells that even her battery is damaged. Kuhu asks her to search Shaan, else Police will punish her. Rajni scans and hugs her. She asks her not to take tension and says nobody can separate me from you. Kuhu tells what Maggie had told her. Rajni asks her not to worry and says she will find best lawyer and will not lose case. Kuhu says okay. Rajni smiles.

Next morning, Rajni comes to court and sees lawyers sitting outside. She declares that she wants best lawyer of court to fight her case. All the lawyers offer to fight her case. Rajni asks them to prove that they are best and asks them to stand in line. She checks their hands and selects a lawyer. Other lawyer asks why did you select him? Rajni says law’s hands are long. Lawyer says his charge is much. Rajni asks what you will charge? Lawyer says his fees is 1 lakh rupees for an hour. Rajni says this is wrong, everyone should get justice. Other lawyer offers to help her, and asks 10000 Rs. Rajni says she has no money. All the lawyers refuse to fight her case without money. Amrish, Shaguta, Maggie and Sharmila see lawyers refusing her. Rajni comes to Amrish and asks can you give me money to give to lawyer. Amrish turns his face.

Shaguta asks her to get lost. Rajni comes to Dhyan and Gyan and asks for help. Maggie says nobody will help you and asks her to go. Rajni goes. She hears lawyers talking to each other, and asking if one can gets bail if there is a non bailable offence. Junior lawyer couldn’t answer. Rajni tells that bail can be given if some cases for non bailable offence. Senior lawyer gets impressed by her. Rajni asks can you fight my case. Senior lawyer says you knows much about law and can fight your own case. Surili comes there dressed up as a lawyer. Maggie, Sharmila and others are shocked. Maggie asks why did you wear this coat? Surili says I thought this doesn’t suit me and that’s why I have thrown this coat and worn colorful sarees even after having the degree. She says my learning will not go waste. She says I will fight my case as I have no lawyer. Rajni also decides to fight her case. Surili says now nobody can stop Rajni from going to jail. Rajni is also hopeful.

Judge asks them to start the case. Surili blames Rajni for pushing Shaan from the cliff and says she has always hurt us. Judge asks Rajni if the prosecution’s accusations are true. Rajni says no, and asks can I represent myself as a lawyer according to Indian laws.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Unnecssary adition they would have replaced shaan without any drama…

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    Miss karan and excited to see rajni as lawyer

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