Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 12th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samaira leaving from the room and collides with Shaan. They fall down on bed in a romantic pose. Samaira asks him to help her get up. Shaan says this is the second time and says what you are doing in my room. Samaira says I came to wrong room. Shaan says you wants everything to be perfect, and says I know everything about you. Samaira says yes, and asks what about you? Shaan says may be I came late once or twice. Samaira says you used to came late daily and sometimes you didn’t turn up. She says I got late and you are married. Dhyan and Gyan are in the kitchen to make tea. Gyan tears the packet and all the tea leaves falls down. Dhyan picks it and throws in dustbin. He sees something and picks it. He shows it to Gyan and asks if thermometer is changed. Gyan says it

is not thermometer but pregnancy kit. Dhyan throws it. Gyan says someone is pregnant and asks if their respective wife is pregnant.

Rajni comes running to room and goes to washroom to vomit. Samaira asks why she is getting vomiting. Shaan thinks how can she vomits. Rajni comes out? Samaira asks are you okay? Rajni says I am not okay. I am getting vomiting and feeling drowsy, please someone bring tamarind. She runs inside to washroom again. Samaira asks if Rajni is pregnant? Shaan says this is a misunderstanding. Maggie asks if she is pregnant. Rajni says she has having all symptoms of pregnancy. She says my heart is saying that our children is on the way to call you papa. Shaan asks how can you get pregnant? Rajni asks what is wrong with you? Shaan says there is nothing wrong in me. Rajni says this is the result of our honeymoon. She congratulates and hugs Shaan. Maggie says this is really a good news. Samaira congratulates Rajni and is leaving.

Shaan stops her and says you are misunderstanding me. Rajni says I can do all the functions, but not this one without him. Shaan says this is a miscalculation/malfunction/misunderstanding and asks Rajni how can you get pregnant. Rajni says I should tell you and is about to kiss him. Dhyan and Gyan asks who is pregnant. Rajni says I am pregnant, we both are pregnant. Gyan congratulates them. Dhyan hugs Shaan and says I am proud of you. Dhyan says lets go and inform everyone. Rajni says chintu/pinky are on the way. Shaan gets tensed. Dhyan and Gyan call Amrish and Surili.

Amrish asks what happened? Gyan says Rajni is pregnant. Amrish dances happily. Sharmila congratulates them. Amrish says my wish came true. Surili asks did you confirm with doctor. Shaan says this is not confirmed as yet. Amrish gets angry and is about to hit him with chappal. Maggie says I can see the girl and say if she is pregnant or not. She asks did you get vomiting. Rajni says yes, and says 5 times. She acts to get vomiting. Surili says not on my carpet. Rajni asks Shaan to bring tamarind. Maggie says it is proved. Surili sees Samaira coming and cares for Rajni..She says my world’s best bahu and congratulates her. Rajni thanks her. Surili says Samaira….you are lucky for us, you came here and Rajni became pregnant, all thanks to you. Shaan says nothing is confirmed.

Surili says you have made me happy today….Rajni and I want to bless you from heart. She asks her to bend down and take her blessings. Rajni bends down. Surili blesses her. Rajni asks can I get up? Shaan makes her get up. Amrish says she is entitled for shagun and keeps money in her hand. Surili says how can I back off. I will also give shagun and gives her precious diamond ring in Rajni’s hand. Rajni thanks her.

Maggie gets angry and says mummy ji didn’t give me anything when Kuhu was born. Gyan says I will bring for you. Maggie says no, I want it from mummy ji also. Surili sings soja mumma soja beta….everyone closes their eyes. Rajni says it is not good to sing dangerous lori for kids. Amrish asks did you think about the name. Shaan says nothing is confirmed. Surili asks Samaira to suggest a good name for Shaan’s baby. Amrish asks her not to bother Samaira. Rajni asks her to say. Samaira says if it is a boy then Rabindranath, and if it is a girl then Durga. Surili gets touched. Amrish says Rajni should get her memory. Rajni says it is okay.

Shaan says it is not yet confirmed. Everyone leave. Surili asks Rajni to return her diamond ring. Rajni refuses and says I can’t return as it is given as shagun to me. Surili asks her to return. Rajni says why did you change your attitude. Surili says I can’t give precious rings just to make her jealous. Shaan asks her to return ring and gives it to her. Surili asks her to get ready for colorful Surili until Samaira is at their place. Rajni says ok rangeen Surili. Surili laughs and goes. Shaan asks what to do now? Shall I book a ward in hospital as a robot is giving birth to small robots. Rajni acts to vomit surprising him.

Samaira asks Shaan not to justify her about anything. She says I know you are happily married. Shaan thinks to tell Samaira that Rajni is a robot and she can’t give birth. He stops her to tell.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Rajni is pregnant????
    Much toh gadbad hair!!!!

  2. manabendradas

    Kyea shaman samaira ko bats Sega he rakni ek robot

  3. manabendradas

    Kyea shaman samaira ko bats Sega he rajni ek robot.

  4. Supererrrrrrrr…
    All time hit

  5. Kathy

    Tnx hasan ji for the update…

  6. Kathy

    Who’s pregnancy kit is that… ??? I think someone is pregnant…

  7. Kathy

    Rajni… She awesome…… Funny when she said rangeel surili… ??? n surili didn’t even mind for that…??? where is Dev n shagufta..??

  8. Hi Guys I’m new here I love the SHOW hb rk

  9. Yesterday episode was just funny rajni was pregnant and she acting so goo like original robot kam se kam ek acha show dekh ne ko mila humein

  10. Kaash Rajni ki memory jaldi vaapis aa jaaye. Missing our caring old Rajni. Wishing that Rajni’s memory card could be found. May be Shaan tell the truth of Rajni to Samaira soon.

  11. manabendta das

    Kya ajka apeshode kohe dekha hai .shan kya saamaria ko rajnir bare me San batadiya.

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