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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RAM asking Rajni not to feel bad about Surili’s words. Rajni says I don’t have feature to feel bad. RAM says but I have that feature. Rajni asks him not to feel bad about elders’ sayings. Shaan asks Rajni to take blood sample of Surili, so that they can give correct diet to her. He gives her syringe. Rajni looks at the syringe. Shaan asks her to be careful and says mom is scared of needle. I have given you this work as you are capable. Rajni says okay and goes to Surili. Surili thinks Shaguta came and asks him to massage her head, and says her head is paining because of Rajni. She says she is feeling good and relaxed, and sleeps. Rajni thinks target is sleeping, now it is action time. She takes blood from Surili’s hand. Surili wakes up, sees Rajni and asks

how dare you to take my blood. Rajni says one should have intelligence and not dareness to take the blood. Surili says she will file police case. Rajni says she took blood for medical test, and says there is no case for taking blood else all pathologist would had been in jail. She thanks Surili. Surili shouts Rajni.

Amrish comes there and asks what happened? Surili tells him that Rajni has taken her blood in syringe. Amrish says she wanted to test your blood, and asks her to calm down. Surili says she should have taken my permission. RAM laughs. Surili asks him to go to his mum. RAM says good job MOBO. Rajni makes proper chart for Surili and says I will feed her meals. Shaguta hears her and goes. Surili says she is living being scared with Rajni. Sharmila asks her to walk and do exercise. Surili says I am not scared of her. Shaguta comes to her and says Rajni is coming here to make you do exercise. Surili asks them to hide her somewhere. Maggie asks her to jump from the window. Surili thanks her, and opens the window. She turns to Maggie, and asks if she wants her to die.

Shaguta asks her to think how to stop Rajni. Surili asks her to close the door. Shaguta closes the door. Rajni is standing outside the room. Rajni says I am fully prepared for all situation. She says all the persons will do exercise here, and asks for remote. He gives rat shaped remote. Surili tells Sharmila and Maggie that saas is saas as she is special and she needs to take special saans. She sends rat toy inside and controls it with remote. Surili, Shaguta, Sharmila and Maggie run, jump and walk in the room. Ram says they are shouting and not doing exercise. Rajni says they will come out and do exercise. They come out and continue to walk and run. Surili says you have made us fool again. Maggie asks why you made us run. Rajni says exercise is good for everyone. Amrish comes and says he brought gift today. Surili thanks him and opens the gift. She finds weighing scale..and is surprised. Amrish says I brought it for your health and asks her to check her weight. Surili says I will check it in the morning. Shaan asks her to try once. Surili checks her weight and it breaks. RAM laughs. Rajni says mummy ji needs to lose her weight seriously. She tells about the dinner menu. Gyan says I am saved. Dhyan says you are over weight. Rajni says everyone will have to follow this diet.

Later in the night, Surili feels hungry and opens the fridge. She sees samosa and is about to eat it. Shaguta keeps hand on her shoulder, and asks her to eat. She says I will bring everything for you. Sharmila and Maggie ask her to come to dining table and have rasgulla and other delicious things. Surili eats the food and says she saw it after a long time. Shaguta says prisoner kant is here. Rajni and RAM are in cage. Rajni asks Surili to free RAM, and have some pity on her. Surili thanks Shaguta and others to fulfilling her dream. RAM says your diet and exercise is wasted. Surili sleeps. Shaguta says mom is sleeping peacefully and asks her not to trouble her. Rajni shouts mummy ji. Surili comes out of her dream and falls down from the bed. Amrish calls surili and asks her to come and have food. Sharmila, Shaguta and Maggie come there, and say they are hungry. Surili apologizes to her and I don’t have anything to give you. She asks them to give something to her as she is hungry. Maggie says kitchen is locked. Sharmila says I have keys. They go to kitchen and open the fridge. They see fridge empty and a paper in it. Rajni smiles.

Amrish, Surili and others celebrate lori. Shaguta comes inside to take her phone and see furniture missing. She shouts. Everyone come inside and are shocked. They ask where is the furniture. Rajni says it is burning outside. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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