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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 12th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish sleeping and sees Dhyan- Gyan fighting, Maggie- Sharmila fighting, thinks they don’t want to be together, but Rajni brought them all together. He says you can bring them together in this hatred environment. Surili sees him and asks him to sleep as they have to go to court for divorce. Amrish thinks he can’t let divorce happens, and will wake up his sleeping destiny.

Dev gets down the car at the court and tells Rajni that once divorce happens, they will not look back at Kant family. He asks are you ready? Rajni says yes, she is following his commands.

Shaan and is family are in the court. They are happy with the divorce and plan about Shaan’s remarriage and food. Shaan thinks his family is strange. Rajni comes and greets them. Surili

asks her family to greet her and say good morning. Rajni says good morning. She looks at Shaan. Magistrate comes and sits on his chair. Dev makes Rajni sit. Magistrate tells Dev that he is his friend and that’s why got this case hearing at short notice. Dev thanks him. Maggie says Dev became big man. Shaan tells Magistrate that they have been separated since 5 years and now wanted divorce. Magistrate asks Shaan and Rajni to sign on the paper that they agree court decision. Shaan looks at Rajni and signs on the papers.

Surili says yes. He passes the register to Rajni. Even Rajni is about to sign on the consent form or something, but pen ink is finished. Amrish says divorce can’t happen now. Surili says someone have pen. Dhyan takes Magistrate pen and it turns to be small knife. Magistrate says it is for my self defense. Maggie says we have pain in our heart, but not pen. Surili asks her to shut up else she will get her divorced. Gyan says you thought so good about me. Maggie, Sharmila, Ghyan and Dhyan go to get pen, but couldn’t and go back to Surili saying they got pain. Shaguta gets the pen somehow , but it breaks as she falls down. Rajni says Bau ji said right, your destiny is bad and couldn’t get a pen. Magistrate says if we can’t get a pen, then divorce will happen next week.

Surili gets a peacock feathers and cuts her hand with ink pen blade asking Rajni to sign with her blood. Rajni says okay. She takes her blood and signs says sorry. Surili says it is sweet pain which she took to kick her out of their lives. Rajni signs as Rajni Kant. Shaguta says congratulations, divorce is done. Magistrate says divorce didn’t happen yet, it was just a form. He asks Shaan, if he wants divorce. Surili asks Shaan to stop melodrama and says yes. Shaan says yes, I need divorce. Magistrate asks Rajni then. Surili asks Rajni to say yes and stop the suspense. Dev asks Rajni to say yes. Rajni scans for divorce and tells that a married couple take this divorce route when they couldn’t stay together happily. She says I don’t want this divorce.

A fb is shown, Amrish goes to Rajni’s scrap house and asks shall I come in. Rajni turns after making RAM sleep. She asks how did you know that I am here. Amrish feels bad seeing her staying in scrap house. She apologizes to him for not keeping them happy. Amrish requests her not to divorce Shaan and says you don’t know what happened after you left. He tells that all family members want to kill each other, and will separate once Shaan marries Ria. He says a miracle happened after your return. They all were against you, and you became the reason to unite them. He says I don’t know why they hate you so much, but I just now that you have the quality to unite all of them. He says even my grand son have the right to stay with everyone. Rajni is about to tell RAM’s truth, but Amrish stops her and requests her to return. Rajni asks him not to cry and says it doesn’t look nice when elders cry. She accepts his commands. Fb ends.

Rajni tells Magistrate that although she don’t have any wish or hope to be in the marriage, but she has many reasons to be in the marriage. Shaan says I don’t want to be in this marriage. Dev asks Rajni what she is doing. Rajni says she did what is right. Surili asks Rajni why she wasted her blood. Rajni asks her not to worry and says your blood will not get wasted.

Dev says we have already talked and you said that you will give divorce. Rajni says I am just following command. Dev says command. Gyan says you gave her new command. Amrish silently thanks Rajni for accepting his command. Shaan tells Magistrate that they were not staying together since 5 years. Magistrate says Rajni doesn’t want it. He asks them to stay together for 6 months and decide. He says if you want divorce after that, then you can file for divorce. Surili says she is made for divorce. Magistrate asks Rajni to sign. Rajni tells Surili that she needs her blood to sign. Amrish asks Surili to press her finger to get blood. Rajni says sorry. Shaan signs with Surili’s blood. Amrish says it is done. Rajni says I told you mummy ji that your blood will not get wasted. Surili is sad.

RAM tells Rajni that he don’t want to go to Kant house. Rajni says if I go alone, then who will take care of me and protect me. RAM comes to Kant house with Rajni and warns everyone not to trouble his MOBO else….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Bahu hamari rajnikant

  2. Hope shaan gets to know the truth soon and loving ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Devs new avatar

  3. Shaan becomes so rude

  4. nice epi….thnx for written update!!!


    I never thought that Dev can look sooooooooo handsome… ?????????
    And yes i knew it thatbRajini will not give divorce to Shaan but why Amrish is not telling truth and where is kuhu????????????

    1. Nope.Old Dev is good


        Sheer old dev was good but his looks are better now.

      2. Yeah Shraddha, he looks dashing now.
        I meant that he was charming, funny guy.But, now he becomes rude.

  6. After karan v grover’s leaving, cv’s make Shaan’s character dumb
    Miss Shaan’s old avatar

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