Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Inspector coming to Shaan’s lab and asks what is in the bag. Shaan says Rajni…and asks if you think like this. Inspector asks him to open the suitcase. Shaan says I lost keys somewhere and shaken it up. He says I am sorry Rajni as my love is doubted. Inspector says until Rajni comes infront of us, we are arresting you all for dowry and domestic violence. Shaan says I am not the killer, but scientist. Inspector says everyone say that they are innocent. Amrish says I will get you freed by the lawyer. Inspector says according to my eye witness Lakshmi, you all have tortured her for dowry. Maggie says I love her like my sister. Surili says I love her very much, if mosquito bites her then I kill that mosquito. Lakshmi says she is a criminal mind. Dhyan asks Shaan to

make him meet Rajni. Shaan says she don’t want to come infront of us, as she don’t pimple. Surili says pimple….OMG……She says whenever Rajni gets pimple, she don’t come out of room also. Amrish says yes, and says Rajni had Punjabi oily food and that’s why got pimple. He says lets go inside house. Inspector says it is enough of family drama and asks them to come. Sharmila tells Surili that Rajni is doing this intentionally.

In the Police van, Sharmila insists to sit with Dhyan. Shaan asks her to sit. Dhyan says we are trapped because of you. Shaan says everything is fine. Amrish says but we are arrested naa, we have to get a lawyer first. Inspector says it is a non bailable offense. They are shocked. Surili asks Shaan to call Rajni and asks her to come. Gyan asks Shaan to tell where is Rajni. Inspector asks where is dead body. Shaan says she is alive, somewhere broken in the box. Everyone is shocked. Inspector asks what do you mean. Shaan says do you have tooty fruity and says we are sweating. Surili asks Shaan to do something and says handcuff don’t suit them. Driver of the bus informs that the car brake is failed. Everyone is shocked. Inspector says we all will be dying…..They panic and cry.

Amrish prays to God and asks him why you are calling us so soon, and says if you are calling us then give us heaven. Surili says Rajni has failed our plans. Amrish says we shall confess our crimes, and asks do you know why I have 3 pegs daily. Surili says just because you are Punjabi. Amrish says no, and says just to skip hearing your snores. Surili is shocked. She says do you know I had a Punjabi boyfriend before marrying you, who had ditched me and I had married you to take revenge from all Punjabis. Everyone is shocked. Surili says yes……She says one more thing, I know how to talk in Punjabi and Gurdas Maan is my favorite. Gyan says you know Punjabi and you didn’t let me study it. Maggie says now my turn. She says Gyan’s name should be Agyan who is mummy’s puppet. She says I hate mummy ji’s bengali music, as it seems to be funeral background music. She says I like Daler Mehendi’s music. Gyan tells Maggie, you are my life biggest unluck, and says I saw your face today and this is happening. We are drying.

Dhyan says I am sorry muffins, I don’t do accounts in the office on Saturdays night, as I go out with my friends and have party. I don’t want to go with you. Sharmila says I also don’t want to go, just because I hate cup cakes. Amrish says everyone is dil jaale…..Shaguta says I want to confess and says I had a crush on Dev in childhood…ICBI (I can’t believe it). Everyone is shocked and says no…..Surili asks Oh God…I would have died before hearing this…..

Inspector says car is falling in the valley. Shaan says we are going to die definitely and says I also wants to confess before dying. He says I wanted to tell you before death, mummy’s promise and says Rajni is not a girl. Everyone is surprised and shocked. Inspector says we are going to fall down now….Amrish asks Shaan to tell…The van is about to fall down, but Rajni comes and holds it at the right time with her long metallic hand. Gyan happens to see her and is surprised. Shaan sees Rajni and hugs Surili. Surili asks Shaan to tell what is Rajni. Shaan says she is Devi…Devimaa’s avatar. He says we are saved. Everyone get happy. Shaan explains to them to be static whenever they are, else they will die. Inspector says I need to go to loo. Shaan asks him to wait and gets down the van. Rajni takes back her hand. Shaan asks Rajni, how did you self assembled yourself and says umbrella…to be safe from rain. He says lets go and meet family. Amrish asks them to get down one by one. Rajni greets Maggie and Sharmila and says Rajni is back. They are surprised.

At the Police station, everyone is annoyed with each other after the confession….Amrish and Surili get upset with each other. Shaan asks Rajni, how did she self assembled and asks did I give you any command? Dev comes there. Shaan asks what you are doing here useless. Dev says I am useful and tells when I reached home, your new neighbor met me.

Inspector tells everyone that they need to scan Rajni’s whole body to know if she has any fracture or any hurt. Shaan gets tensed and thinks what will happen.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Very Nice… Rajni Is Back…..

  2. Kathy

    Funny episode tha…. N confession part is hilarious…. Will karan v grover quite the show…. I think no one will can do this character better then him….

  3. Shai

    surili had a punjabi boyfriend,shogu’s crush dev!!! OMG!!! ICBI!!!

  4. manabendradas

    Agar shaan show par nehi rehega to him dekhna band kor dunga

  5. manabendradas

    Kathy no one can do this character matlab

  6. Karan, How can u do this??? We love u… plz don’t leave BHR_K…
    this show will be incomplete without u…??

  7. manabendradas

    Karaner last episode kab

  8. I like shaan when he call Rajni, so cute and sweet just like like he call a baby, and I like karan hair… so sad for me if he quit the show.. it’s not fair….

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