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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili seeing eunuch walking inside the house. She tells them that party is going on and asks Rajni to see them off. Rajni says you asked me to attend the guests. Surili says I am now asking you to send them out. The Eunuchs start dancing. Surili says party is going on here and asks them to go. Eunuch ask for money. Surili asks them to come with her. She takes them to hall and asks what do you want? They ask money. Surili says my son got married, we have spent money. Why we should pay you. Amrish says their blessings are precious. Surili asks them to bless for free. Amrish asks if you will hire them for your saree business. Eunuch says its okay, we don’t feel bad. They ask Amrish to show his bahu. Amrish says she is here. They dance with Rajni. Rajni also dances

with them. Surili gets tensed and asks what will my friends tell. Amrish gives money to Rajni and asks her to give to them.

Rajni gives them money and takes blessings. They get happy and praise Rajni. Surili asks them to leave. Rajni says you can’t go like this, just wait 1 min. Surili wonders what will Rajni do now. Rajni serves them food. They say we haven’t seen this kind of doll before. Rajni says a guest shall be welcome and Bau ji asked me to take care of everyone. Shaguta says WTF/What the fish? Sharmila says Rajni have crossed limits. Amrish asks them to learn from Rajni. Surili goes and stands near the door. Her friend tries to go to washroom. But Surili stops her and asks her to go after 20 mins. They ask Surili to come and sit with them. Bubbles asks her to go and says she will be here. Eunuch thanks Rajni and gives money to Rajni. They says she thought of us as human. He says you people are lucky. Rajni looks at Amrish. Amrish nods. Rajni takes the money and blesses them also.

Aishwarya asks I will bring sweets. Eunuch says no. Surili talks to her friends. Eunuchs enter Surili’s party hall, and says we are glad meeting your bahu. Surili says party is going on here and asks them to go. Surili drinks bubbles drink. She says lets play cards. Aishwarya gives her idea. Surili calls Rajni and asks her to come and play with them. Maggie and Sharmila say that they will also join. Surili asks maggie if you have money? She then asks Sharmila to go and do the work which she has assigned. Rajni says I know this game. Surili says if you win in this game, then all the money is yours. Mrs. Deewan says lets collect money for NGO. Surili says later. They start playing the cards…Surili asks Rajni to play carefully. Rajni says I can try to win and asks can I see everyone’s cards. Everyone laughs. Surili asks ofcourse you can, but you can see from there. Rajni follows Surili’s order and scans everyone’s cards to see it. Rajni bets the money which Eunuchs had given her. Everyone lose in the game.

Surili and Rajni continue to play. Shaguta says she must be cheating. Bubbles say don’t know what Surili would do as she never loses. Surili shows her cards. Everyone smiles. Rajni shows her cards….which shocks everyone. Surili says no, impossible…She has done cheating. She says she has seen my cards and have seen my cards. Her friends says how can this be possible? They ask her to take all money. Surili says I want to give money in her hand as she has won for the first time. Rajni refuses to take money. Surili says she has done cheating and that’s why refused to take money. Rajni says she wants to donate money to Mrs. Deewan’s blood camp. Aishwarya asks are you mad? Surili is shocked. Mrs. Deewan praises Rajni and says bahu toh toh aisi..She says many people will bless you. Rajni thanks her and smiles.

Rajni tells Shaan that she told him about the blood donation camp. Surili declares that Rajni will give blood first. Shaan gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Super episode… This show won my heart when rajini said them that they r also humans…. excellent episode… loved it..


    Nice episode…. so much respect for everyone… wowooow????????
    But precap is shocking???? Blood donation by rajni….?????

  3. Awesome blossom episode…Cannot wait for tomorrow to come with new one..Thnku H Hassan fr updates.???

  4. Excellent

  5. i read that karan v grover is going to leave this show!!!!!is it correct????????
    karan is soooo suitable as pare’shaan’??(it becomes just impossible 4 me to stop laughing when rajni calls shaan by this name)))….just like ridhima karan jodi….
    and it becomes a dialogue…’okay,pare’shaan’

  6. Heart melting episode

  7. Awesome. Rajni has some good ethics. 🙂

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