Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili asking Amrish to call police and get Rajni arrested. Maggie says just wallet is found and says may be Shaan has thrown it. Sharmila says why would he throw it. Shaguta says mom is right. Maggie asks Rajni, why did you betray Shaan. Sharmila says Shaan is the one who always supported you, but you have killed him. Dhyan asks if this is true, then I will forget whatever you have done for me and our family. Kuhu comes and asks everyone to stop it, says Rajni Chachi is not bad. Maggie scolds Kuhu and says her wings will be cut. Dev comes there and is shocked. Kuhu asks Dev to tell that Rajni is not bad. Dev says I want to talk to Rajni alone, and asks her to come. Amrish stops Rajni and says my heart is not agreeing. He says I can’t believe that you can do this,

who have loved you the most in this world. He says I don’t think that you can do this.

Dev asks Rajni to come and takes her from there. Surili says can I call Police now. I have to get her arrested. Dev asks Rajni if she has pushed Shaan from mountain. Rajni says yes. Dev asks how can you do this? Rajni says like this and pushes him on bed. Dev asks have you gone mad? He asks if you have pushed him to kill him or if it had happened mistakenly. Rajni asks if this is your new look and asks him to shave. Dev asks her to answer. Rajni says everyone have to answer God one day. She tells that his vital organs are telling that he is angry. He beats Rajni with rod. He says you have snatched my friend, my soul and bhai, he was your creator and God and calls her selfish. Kuhu comes and tells that Rajni didn’t push Shaan. Dev says Rajni said by herself. Kuhi says Rajni’s heart is not small. Dev says she don’t have a heart. Rajni says yes, I don’t have heart.

Dev says Shaan asked me to take care of your software and hardware if anything happens to him. He says you have broken my heart, I have accepted you as my own sister. Kuhu asks Rajni to speak up. Rajni says I have to make arrangements for navratri puja. Kuhu goes out of room and recalls Shaan asking why she is crying. Kuhu tells him that her frog is lost and wonders if cat have eaten it. Shaan says you will get it. Kuhu asks why do we feel pain if our loved ones is gone. Shaan explains to her and tells that tracker is synchronized with his watch, and tells that if the tracker is having green light then his heart beat is beating and he is alive. He says if the light is red then my heart beat stops and I am dead. Kuhu says I will pray for your long life. Shaan takes Kuhu to have icecream. Fb ends.

Kuhu brings the tracker and tells Rajni that green light will blink. Just then Surili comes with Police, and asks Commissioner to arrest her. She says I am the eye witness to her crime, and says Shaan’s wallet is the proof. Kuhu tells her that Rajni Chachi didn’t do anything and hugs her. Maggie takes her from there. Shaguta says now she can speak like parrot. Rajni says I can tell that even now. Commissioner asks Rajni to sit. Sharmila and Shaguta ask him to arrest her. Commissioner says we can’t arrest her now as 24 hours is not over yet. We can just interrogate her, as we couldn’t locate Shaan’s phone. He asks them to go out. Surili tells that she wants to record the interrogation. Green light blinks. Commissioner asks when did you see Shaan last? Rajni says 2 hours before. She tells that Shaan is always with her in her memory. Shaguta says she always confuses everyone.

Commissioner asks her to go out. Shaguta goes. Commissioner asks Rajni, if they have any fight between them. Rajni says I don’t have any feature of fight, but Shaan used to fight with me for 23 types. She says I can give you printout of the same. Sharmila enters and scolds her. Commissioner asks why Shaan used to scold you. Rajni says because I used to malfunction often and do things which he don’t want unintentionally though. Maggie comes and scolds her. Commissioner thinks family is strange. He asks Rajni to say if she had pushed Shaan. Rajni says are you feeling hot? Want tea etc….Surili opens the window and asks him to arrest her. Commissioner says we can’t arrest her until we get Shaan’s body or file FIR. Maggie says she has controlled commissioner also. Surili asks Rajni why she is making her burn.

Rajni asks where did you get burn and says Shaan always asked me to take care of you. Surili asks her not to be happy and says she will go to court. Rajni asks her to go. Shaguta talks to lawyer and asks him to fight against Rajni. Surili also talks to lawyer. The lawyers refuse to fight the case. Surili says nobody is ready to fight the case as they think that I have planned this to take revenge from Rajni. Shaguta feels helpless. Rajni comes to lab and says my battery no. 3 is damaged. She thinks there is no new battery. If Shaan would have been here, then he would replaced my old battery with new old. My life cycle got 3 hours less. She thinks someone said right that when husband leave, life becomes incomplete. Her circuits starts burning. She calls Dev, but he doesn’t pick her call. Rajni says Dev is angry with me and left me. She thinks there is only one way to save battery and switches herself off.

Rajni comes to court and says she wants best lawyer to take up her case. All lawyers agree to fight her case. Surili wears lawyer’s dress and says now nobody can stop Rajni from going to jail.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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