Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat falling out of window and falls on Amrish’s feet. Guards get concerned for him. Dhyan makes fun of him. Shaan tells Rajni that we will not any info like this and asks her to behave like a new bride. Rajni says this idea is not working. Shaan asks her to activate romantic mode activate, and make him drink milk so that he can speak truth only. Rajni activates her romantic mode and asks Shaan to drink milk. Shaan says if you acts like this, then he will drink poison also with your hand. Virat gains consciousness and shouts Poonam. Rajni says we were just doing rehearsals. Virat says with him. He asks her to come with him. He takes Rajni with him and says you have slapped me. Did you remember what I had done with you, when you slapped me. Rajni says I don’t

remember. Virat tells that he will give electric shock to Rajni, and tells Shaan. Shaan asks Virat not to give shock to Rajni and gets worried.

Surili comes to the chow mein hotel and thinks this is Virat’s class. She introduces to the manager as Surili Kant. Manager asks how many people are with you. Surili says she is alone and came to get info about Virat. She praises herself and tells that she is like Virat’s mum and is responsible for his present state. Manager says oh. So you are the one. He asks her to come with him, and says I will tell you everything. Surili praises herself and thinks she could be a good actress, but it was bollywood loss. Virat reminds Rajni that she shouted when he gave her shock.

Manager takes her to kitchen and shows the utensils. Surili says I don’t want to hear the smell. Manager tells her that Virat didn’t pay the money since 2 months and had eaten free chowmein. He says I will make you pay for him and asks her to wash clothes. Virat gives electric shocks to Rajni and asks her to shout. Surili washes the plates and sings main na bhoolungi song. Manager comes and asks why she is not working fast. Surili says she is doing this for first time. Waiter comes and tells that Virat had broken restaurant once. Manager asks Surili to wash other utensils kept outside.

Virat gives her shocks. Rajni laughs. Virat is confused. Shaan thinks Rajni is malfunctioning. Rajni talks like Aishwarya, and says Balma. Virat is shocked. She snatches wires from his hand and gives electric shock to him. Virat gets shaken up and falls down unconscious. Guards enter inside for Virat. Gyan snatches gun and asks them to leave. Shaan sees smoke coming out from Rajni and asks if she is fine. Amrish tells Shaan that they shall take Rajni to hospital. Shaan says 1 min. Amrish asks him to call ambulance. Shaan does something in his phone. Rajni says all my system are functioning normally. Amrish says you would have told normally. Rajni says I am alright. Shaan thinks something might have happened to her system.

Sharmila and Maggie reach Chow mein hotel. Manager asks who are you? Sharmila says they are his sisters. Maggie says whatever he is today is because of us, as we have brought him up. They ask him about Virat. Manager asks them to come inside to know. Maggie and Sharmila are washing utensils while sitting beside Surili. Surili hides her face from them. Maggie tells that Virat has trapped them. Sharmila says Surili must have went for shopping and we are getting punished here. Manager comes and threatens to beat them with hunter. Sharmila asks Surili what is her name. They badmouth about Surili.

Surili is angry. Sharmila says imagine if mummy ji would have been in our place, then…..Surili gets angry. Sharmila asks her to wash properly. Waiter asks them to wash properly. Surili thinks how to go out, as all doors are closed by manager. Manager comes and asks where are you going? He says your sister went and cleaned the utensils well. Surili says they are habitual to do that. She asks him about Virat and Poonam. Manager tells that Poonam used to come to eat Manchurian and one day she stopped coming here. Surili asks when did you see her last. Manager says 1 and a half years back. Surili thinks Rajni came in Shaan’s life during that time. She shows Rajni’s pic and asks if she is Poonam. Manager says she is not Poonam, Virat’s wife.

Surili asks are you sure? Manager says yes. Surili thinks this means Shaan was saying truth and Virat was lying. Manager says now you can go. Surili says I will not come here again. She comes back home and thinks her manicure is ruined. She thinks she has stopped control over her hands, and acts as cleaning the utensils. Rajni gives her green tea, and also gives her sitar. Shaan comes and asks what is happening? Rajni says mummy ji is acting as washing utensils. Shaan asks Surili, did she came to know about anything. Surili says Rajni is not Poonam and says Manager told stupid things like they have named her Poonam Manchurian. Shaan gets thinking and says means…….

Surili asks where is that Poonam. Poonam comes and says I am Poonam. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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