Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 11th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 11th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bubbles about to take Rajni’s metallic hand pic. Kuhu throws ball on her and makes the ball fall down. Bubbles asks Kuhu to take pics. Kuhu starts clicking bubbles pics and asks her to pose. Bubbles poses for the pics. Rajni takes back her metallic hand. Bubbles checks the pics and says I asked you to click Rajni’s long hands. Kuhu says Chachi is standing normally. Bubbles drink wine and thinks Rajni might have took Kuhu on her side, or God might have given me strength to see inner things. She goes. Kuhu says you are saved. Shaan comes. Kuhu tells him that Rajni was about to get caught by bubbles. Shaan says good Kuhu. He asks Rajni not to show her powers infront of anyone and says our secret will be out. He says Kuhu that he is proud of her and says you are an angel.

Kuhu asks them to kiss on her cheeks. They kiss on her cheeks. Kuhu smiles.

Emraan Hashmi comes to Shaan’s house for his film promotion. Shaan asks what are you doing here? Emraan says I think I came on a wrong address. Shaan asks him to sit and be careful with his Bua, and asks him to sit. He says your film trailer is good. Rajni brings snacks and juice. Shaan says she is my achievement. Rajni asks who is he? Shaan says he is Emraan Hashmi. Rajni scans about him and says he has kissed 13 heroines and says he is a serial kisser. Emraan says what is the matter. Shaan says she is my wife, ignore her. Emraan says she is weird. Rajni says Shaan is weird. He tells Emraan that Shaan has never kissed me. Emraan says you have a beautiful wife, and haven’t kissed your wife yet. Shaan asks Rajni to keep quiet. Rajni asks him to give some tips on kiss. Emraan says okay. He asks him to be a man, and asks Rajni to melt in his arms.

Rajni hugs Shaan. Shaan feels current and falls on sofa. He asks Rajni to go and asks Emraan to tell about his film. Emraan tells about the film. Rajni says Shaan never took me to watch film. Shaan hears Bubbles voice, and asks Emraan to go as Bua is a serious kisser. Emraan goes. Bubbles comes out and goes to see Emraan Hashmi. Rajni tries to kiss Shaan. Shaan says I don’t have this feature.

Shaguta tells Maggie that it seems she has to set the fire on. Maggie asks her to set the kitchen fire. Shaguta asks her to go and stand at the door. She keeps kitchen stuff at Rajni’s side to make Amrish get angry on Rajni. Dhyan comes and asks what is going on? Maggie says Shaguta wants to trap Rajni. Dhyan asks why you people are after her. Maggie asks him not to tell anyone, and says it was Shaguta’s idea. Shaan comes and asks what is happening. Shaguta says it is none of our business. Shaan asks if it is about Rajni, then it is my business. He asks from where did this stuff come at our side, and asks Shaguta to give him a reason why she hates Rajni. Shaguta says she doesn’t like her. Dhyan says this is the reason, wow. Shaan says you don’t have a mind and shall go to psychiatric. Shaguta calls her loser. Shaan says think about your brother, she is my wife. He says do you know her IQ and capacity, and says she is 1 lakh unit sharper than you mathematically. Shaguta says I am an independent woman.

Shaan says it is good that Papa have marked the line, else. Shaguta goes angrily. Dhyan says good. Shaguta tells Maggie and Sharmila that she is more angry on Shaan than Rajni and have to take revenge. Maggie says they are like crocodile and shows the itching powder. She says I have brought it from the same shop, and asks if they remember about Surili’s drink. Shaguta asks what? Sharmila says it was mixed in drink for Rajni, but mom drank it. Surili comes and asks her to think something classy. Shaguta says it is so difficult for them and asks her to concentrate on Rajni and teach a lesson to Shaan as well. She says Shaan has insulted me today. Surili says I will do something for you. Sharmila asks what? Surili says I am sorry Shaan, I have to step in the pit.

Kuhu tells Rajni that Surili sent her lucky saree for her. Rajni looks on. Shaguta asks Surili if she is sure that magic will happen with this saree. Surili asks her to wait and watch. Rajni wears that saree and comes out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. i m sure that surili would have sprayed the itching powder….

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