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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili serving tea to Amrish. Amrish is about to drink it, thinks it might contain poison and tells Surili that he will keep the tea just like that, as she has prepared for him after many days. Surili says you used to talk sweetly after our marriage. Amrish asks her to take one gulp of tea and he will take other. Surili says okay and takes a sip. Amrish takes the tea from her hand and says it is having poison. Surili asks who have added it. Amrish says you. She says what? Amrish asks what she was doing in the garden area in the night and smiling silently, and all that. Surili says you doubts me even after so many years of marriage and think me wrong. She says I don’t want to clarify and says she was thinking about Rajni yesterday. She says she has proof against her.

Rajni comes there and tells Surili that Shaan commanded her to touch her feet. Surili asks what is this? Amrish says she is very sanskari. Rajni says you are angry with me, I have to touch your feet and runs after her. Surili gets tired and stops. Amrish asks her to stop walking in this age. Rajni asks her to bless her. Surili blesses her. Rajni gets up and the mobile falls from Surili’s hand and fall in water jug. Surili gets shocked as the proof washed in water. Rajni says command executed, my work is done, and leaves.

Maggie and Sharmila see many jewellery items kept in the hall and think Surili has kept it for them, and blesses themselves. Surili takes her phone out and looks at the water coming out. She tells Amrish that Rajni doesn’t love Shaan, but Balwant and says she heard Rajni saying that she is after his money. Amrish refuses to believe. Surili challenges him. Amrish says I am sure that Rajni will pass this test too. Sharmila and Maggie check the jewellery. Surili asks if they like it? Maggie and Sharmila say yes and praise her. Surili thanks them and asks to keep the jewellery down as it is for Rajni. They are shocked. Surili says sometimes we have to do adjustments against our wish. She asks where is Rajni? Just then Rajni comes. Surili says you came so fast, your age is much. Rajni says Shaan will decide about my age.

Surili tells Rajni that she has brought all jewellery for her. Maggie says she can’t wear all alone. Surili asks Maggie not to think about taking it. Rajni calculates and tells that it is worth 75 lakhs and change, according to the current market value. Surili, Sharmila and Maggie are shocked. Rajni takes all the boxes of jewellery and thinks it will be a test for her now. Maggie asks if this much jewellery will be safe with her. Surili says that they have to see.

Balwant feels stomach pain and thinks he has to go to Rajni. Surili looks at him. Rajni says mummy ji said that all this jewellery is for me and wears all designs. Bubbles calls someone and tells him that Rajni is a ghost and asks him to come and check. She says you can sleep in my room at night. That man disconnects the call. Bubbles comes inside and sees Rajni wearing all the jewellery. She faints. Balwant comes to her room and compliments for her beauty. He asks her to keep the jewellery safely. He says you went yesterday. Rajni says Shaan called me. Balwant says he is not right for you. He says we have to elope tonight as I can’t see you marrying Shaan. Rajni says walking is good for health. Balwant says sometimes you seems strange and shall marry Shaan. However he asks her to come to him at 1 am with all the jewellery and they will elope. Rajni says okay. Surili hears them and thinks Rajni will be exposed now.

Surili hires someone to keep eye on Rajni. Amrish and Surili dance during Shaan and Rajni’s sangeet. Rajni and Shaan looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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