Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharmila asking Samaira to move from place as Dhyan can’t eat if she don’t sit beside him. Samaira gets up and goes to sit beside Shaan. Dhyan says Shaan is still between them. Amrish says lets start food. Shaan and Samaira hold roti bowl at same time. Sharmila asks if you are married now? Shaan says she is single as she is not wearing ring. Samaira says yes, I am single. Surili says you shall marry now. Shaan says I don’t want to eat this fish. Surili asks Rajni to clean the fish and make Shaan eat. Rajni says okay…She says I have that feature. She cleans the fish and makes Shaan eat with her hand. Maggie says you are looking cute and says Samaira used to make Shaan eat like this. Surili scolds her politely. Amrish asks where is your home. Rajni says Samaira

is living in service apartment. Surili asks Rajni what she will take to eat silently. Rajni says I have to check…Surili. Everyone is shocked. Sharmila asks her to call her sasumaa. Amrish asks why you are staying in service apartment. Samaira says renovation is going on in my house. Amrish says it is wrong and asks her to stay in their house. Surili refuses. He asks Rajni, do you have objection if Samaira stays here. Rajni says just now I came to know that I will be staying here. Shaan asks Samaira to stay. Rajni asks Samaira to stay and says she don’t have any objection. Surili thinks I have never seen such a strange wife.

Amrish comes to room. Surili is angry on him. Amrish says it was a past whatever was between them. Surili says Shaan became lamb infront of Samaira. She asks if you are a man. Amrish says he has given her four kids. He says if my first love come infront of me then….Surili says I came to know just now that I am not your first love. Surili says how can Rajni allow Samaira to stay here. Amrish says Shaan is in love with Rajni kant and says their wives are wonderful. Surili asks Amrish what is his first love name. Amrish says dilpreet. Surili says you remember everything and saying that you don’t remember anything. She asks him to get out. Amrish goes being scared. Surili says from where did she came?

Sharmila brings Samaira to guest room and says you can stay here. Samaira says everything is changed, but fish taste is same. Sharmila asks Samaira to come for a walk. Maggie says she will also come. Sharmila says no, only sisters will go. Maggie gets thinking. Rajni asks what you are thinking. Maggie says Shaan and Samaira are childhood friends and says a girl and a guy can’t be friends. Maggie tells how she gained Gyan’s attention and lied to be pregnant. Rajni says it is wrong to lie. Maggie asks what you will do if Shaan leaves you. Rajni says I will marry someone again. Maggie asks what you will do after having kids. Rajni says yes. Maggie asks her to say my husband is only mine. Rajni switches on patni mode on. She says Shaan can’t betray me. Maggie asks her to bet and says Shaan will come to meet Samaira at night, else she asks her to control Shaan. Rajni says okay.

Shaan is searching for the memory chip and talk to his inner self. His inner self says you have gone mad in Samaira’s love. Shaan asks him to say directly. His innerself asks her to enquire about Samaira’s feelings and heart. He asks him to ask Samaira if she loves him or not. Shaan thinks to find out if Samaira loves him or not. He says I am so proud of me. Shaan says even I am so proud of me.

He comes to guest room and sees someone sleeping. He thinks Samaira is sleeping and comes secretly. He calls her slowly and says I want to tell you that I missed you so much. He says I know you were angry on me as I haven’t told you about my marriage. He says it is very complicated. He says I want to marry you, but married Rajni….Rajni gets up and slaps him. She says my husband is only mine. She says you didn’t think about our kids. Shaan asks when did they born. Rajni says people will write name that their father is characterless. Shaan asks who taught you this? Rajni says Maggie said right. She says I came to check on you, and you are characterless. Shaan says your brother is characterless. I will press his neck. Rajni warns him not to do anything to her brother. She shows attitude like a wife. Shaan says I can’t eat, sleep and live until I finds your memory chip. Rajni says I will not give you food and asks him to get out. They fight like normal husband and wife. Shaan goes. She thinks Maggie is right and thinks she has to get some idea to control her husband. She searches in her memory, how to control a husband and gets a idea. She says my husband is only mine, and will be mine only…..

Rajni rushes to bathroom and acts as getting vomiting. Samaira asks are you okay. Rajni says I am getting vomiting and want to eat tamarind, someone please bring it. Samaira asks Shaan, if Rajni is pregnant.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. just love this show. …..!it is the best show ever I had watched!

  2. I love this show tooooooooo much

  3. Kathy

    Hilarious episode ….??? n surili’s acting marvellous today…. Poor shaan… Got slap from rajni…. Lol on… Guest room seen..??? …. Wow rajni…. Pathni mode on… High voltage drama to began… N precap…. ????

  4. Kathy

    Humanoid robot is pregnant……. ??? Hats off to cv’s….

  5. Pawandeep Singh

    Precap hilarious how can she be pregnant, shan acting awesome

  6. Shai

    funny episode

  7. Hilarious awesome episode lovely…. rajini how Could u b so cute… ur expressions ur dialogue delivery ur accent variation…. love u ridhima…. ur tooo awedorable…. This is the most lovable happily tolerable show… Thank you to all the crew….

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