Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

SOrry for late update and sorry if misses anything as due to powercut it was missed but I tried to do provide the update to my best possible way.

The episode start with all waiting for aishwarya to come, she arrives and all ask her to cook food for them and rajini comes in her vamp look and ask aishwarya to cook but she run away by making excuse.
All females say they are one against rajini and will cook food. Rajini brainwashes Maggie by saying that she is Punjabi and will have difficult task, Maggie do not belive her but when surili ask her to make aalo paratha and tea by sharmila; she confrots them. Gyan come and speak about unfairness..

Rajini smiles in her vamp mode look and she was looking so prety in baby pink saree..?????

Everyone conforts each other but finally surili realize about it and confront rajni. She is about to hold her neck when rajini press surili neck. Everyone try to separate them, shaan come but is slapped by rajini. Amrish make his fun by saying that what husband he is?? Shan get up and switch off rajini like he slapped her and take her to lab.

In lab shaan is trying to fix rajini but she react on him and blow air and backgroud music of dhum tannna tannnnnna … shaan makes her off by saying robo should not be made and if so not wives (shan u only made her wife)????? and start dismental her with help of tools and is zeen by someone.

Surili and everyone is in tension about behaving weired of rajini and police arrives. Surili praises then but Police ask them about rajini, who is tourtoed by her in laws. Just than lady comes in stating her name – Laxmi subharmain Narayan etc.(sorry name was so lenghty can’t remember properly) In funny way.?? stating that she saw Shoguta for beating rajni with hunter, surili with pressing her neck and shaan to try to kill her by hammer and tools.

Everyone goes to shaan lab, where shaan has dismentaled rajini for making her alright. Police and everyone confront him and he lie about her going out. But Laxmi say might Shaan killed her . Just tha police see a bag.

Precap – Police van break fails and evreyone is inside it and shouting.

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