Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan challenging the goons asking them to face him on the mountain. Rajni says your life is in danger now, and that’s why I will go there to give them crystal power. She says I will use my super sonic power. Shaan says you have to stay here if goons come here. Surili peeps in their room and thinks take back mani Shaan. Shaan takes back the crystal power and gives her command to protect his family. Rajni says I have to protect you also and thinks to follow him. She calls Commissioner. Surili also calls Commissioner. Shaan calls Commissioner also, but it comes as busy. Rajni tells Commissioner to save Kant family from goons. Surili tells Commissioner that they have threat from Rajni. Inspector thinks they are strange. He says okay, I will send police there. Goons

follow Shaan. Surili follows Rajni. Commissioner calls Police team and asks them to go Kant house, while he follows Surili. Shaan calls Commissioner again, but his call is busy. He reaches the spot and says I will give you crystal power. Goon shows him gun.

Shaan says if gun is fake? Goon says this gun is of poison. He asks him to tell the location of the crystal. Shaan says I will not give you as I know that you wants to kill human by making bomb. Goon says okay, now get ready to die. He fires the poisonous dart. Rajni comes and saves him with much speed. Goons are shocked. She takes him near mountain cliff. Shaan takes out dart from Rajni’s hand and asks who fired this dart. Rajni says goons, who have fired dart on you also. She takes out dart from his ear. Shaan says I think I am going to die. Rajni asks him not to do melodrama and says let me check you. Shaan asks her to scan. Rajni scans his body and says it has reached till your neck, and before it reaches all parts of body, I have to take it out. She sucks his neck. Goons run to reach there. Surili comes in her car and recalls Rajni spitting green liquid. Rajni then pushes Shaan from the cliff. Shaan is shocked and shouts Rajni. Rajni runs with fast speed. Surili is shocked.

Goon tells that the girl is strange, she has killed her husband also with crystal power. Surili calls Amrish and tells that Shaan fell down from the cliff and that Rajni pushes him. Rajni comes back again and says mummy ji. Surili asks why you have done this? You loves Shaan. Goon tells boss that they shall leave, as they didn’t get crystal power. Rajni tells Surili that she has to leave. Surili tries to stop her, but in vain. Commissioner comes there. Surili informs him that Rajni has pushed Shaan from the cliff. Commissioner calls control room. Kant family reach there. Surili informs Amrish that she has seen with her own eyes and that Rajni have pushed Shaan from there. Gyan calls Maggie and informs them about Shaan’s accident. Maggie, Shaguta and Sharmila leave from the house. Amrish brings Surili home. He tells Surili that nothing can happen to Shaan, and says may be he went by himself. Surili says I have seen with my eyes, Rajni have pushed Shaan. She asks him to believe her. Amrish asks her to take rest in room.

Surili says I will not leave Rajni, and asks him to ask Commissioner to arrest Rajni. Amrish says okay. Surili sees Rajni doing aarti at home. Rajni says happy navratri mummy ji. Surili says so you have hidden here. Surili asks where is Shaan? Rajni says I am making arrangements for Navratri. Surili asks her to confess to have pushed Shaan from cliff. Rajni says I was making arrangements. Maggie, Shaguta and Sharmila come back home. Shaguta asks Rajni to tell truth. Amrish says nothing is proved. Surili says I have seen with my eyes. She says Rajni has pushed him from the cliff and behaving as if nothing happened. She says she has killed Shaan for mani. Amrish asks Rajni to speak up and says he is grinded between saas and bahu. He asks her to tell in yes or wrong. He asks did you push Shaan? Rajni says she has sweep the house as asked by Shaan. She says I will bring puja thaali. Surili asks Amrish to call police. Amrish says only you have seen that, and says whom to believe now.

Surili asks him to trust her and says I can’t think bad about my son. Rajni says I will bring diya, and goes. Bubbles tells Shaguta that she don’t know what is right or wrong, and prays for Shaan’s safety. Shaguta says mom will not lie in this matter. Shaguta says mom will not leave Rajni for this. Surili lights the diya and prays to Maa Durga for Shaan’s safety. She lights the lamp and asks her to protect Shaan, just then diya is about to blown, but Amrish and Surili hold it. Rajni brings diya invented by Shaan. Gyan and Dhyan come back, and tell that they didn’t find Shaan, but his wallet. Shaguta says that means Rajni had pushed Shaan. Everyone is shocked.

Surili asks Inspector to arrest Rajni and says she is the eye witness of her crime.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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