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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 10th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat taking rounds with Rajni forcibly. Shaan asks Virat to stop and signs Rajni. Virat and Rajni take rounds. Maggie asks if marriage can happen without fire and kanyadaan. Surili says anything can happen. Maggie asks Shaan to do something. Rajni stops and tells that this Pandit ji is reciting wrong mantras. Gyan says even I noticed, he is reading shlokas. Virat asks Pandit if they are saying truth and cancels his plan to marry Rajni, says now we will celebrate wedding night with her. Everyone is shocked as Virat is taking Rajni to room. Surili asks Shaan to do something and says Virat is taking your wife. Shaan laughs loudly. Everything thinks he has gone mad. Shaan asks Virat to go and enjoy himself. Surili asks what you are saying? Shaan says Rajni will make

him play his band and laughs again. Virat takes Rajni to room. Sharmila happens to see Virat’s wallet and shows it Surili.

Surili says it is bad manners, but we can see. She thinks now he will have danger with us. She opens his wallet and sees 10 rs and two bills. Amrish says we will get some clue. Surili says she will go to hotel and find the connection. She asks girls to distract guards. Sharmila says she will attract them to distract them. Shaan tells Virat that he is doing wrong. Virat says I know what I am doing. He asks Rajni to come and bumps his head accidently on the wall.

Shaan asks him to be easy and says I came to say all the best to you and your wife. He asks Rajni to refresh memory drive and recall their suhaag raat bed broken experience. Rajni says command accepted. Shaan says you have to do the same. Sharmila and Maggie dance with the goons. Gyan and Dhyan are surprised. Mere Photo ko seene se plays…………Surili manages to leave from there while goons are busy dancing. Virat asks Shaan to send Rajni with him. Shaan says best of laat…luck I said. Virat asks Rajni to come. Rajni says lets go.

Virat calls wife stealer to Shaan and says I got my wife today. Shaan thinks now see what my steel wife do with you. Goon asks where is aunty? Amrish says she must be here only. Goon says okay. Amrish says we shouldn’t have let her go alone. Dhyan says she will handle. Sharmila and Maggie tell that they want to go and help Surili. Dhyan tells we have to divert guards attention, but how. They divert their mind and dance. Maggie and Sharmila leave. Guards ask them to stop the stupid dance.

Virat thinks now Shaan will know what is the result of stealing someone’s wife. Rajni asks did you come here to have suhaagraat or to talk this nonsense. Virat says you are very smart than your stupid husband. Rajni says I am technically smart, but he is logically smart as he made me. Virat looks at her smilingly and says today is our suhaag raat. Rajni says it is a day. Shaan is outside the room. Rajni pushes Virat on bed. Virat asks what you are doing? Rajni says same thing which happens in wedding night. Virat says it is happening fast. Rajni asks him to take his time.

Virat says our relation will become pure after suhaag raat and tells that he has ordered these flowers online and his guard have decorated the room. He says he wants to decorated himself with these flowers and confess love infront of Shaan. Amrish sees Shaan trying to hear Virat and Rajni, and gets angry on him. He warns him saying if anything happens to Rajni then he will not leave him. Shaan asks him to hear and says full comedy, action etc film is going on. He hears smilingly. Amrish gets tensed. Rajni ties flowers around Virat’s body. Virat is shocked. Rajni tells that she has fulfilled this wish. Virat goes to change his clothes.

Amrish tells Gyan and Dhyan that time has come to save his respect (Aan, Baan and Shaan). Gyan reminds him that his sons’ names are Gyan, Dhyan and Shaan. Amrish tells that he is talking about his respect and they have to stop the suhaag raat anyhow. He says we have to save Rajni. Guards are standing outside Virat and Rajni’s room. Gyan and Dhyan come there and says we want shagun from Virat. Guards threaten them showing gun. Dhyan says we will make him eat pan. Guard asks them to go. Amrish says we can’t bear much now and says we will have to play brahmarastra. He shows butter. Gyan asks if he will talk cheesy with them. Dhyan says no, he will eat it and fights with guards.

Virat comes out from washroom and tells Rajni that he remembers that she likes kamarband. He says that’s why I brought this for you, and will make you wear this with my hand. He asks her to raise her hand. Rajni says if I raise my hand then it might be problematic to you. Amrish applies butter on his body and walks like a hero. Dhyan asks him why did he applied non saturated low fat butter, would have applied normal butter. Amrish says Punjabi has waken up today. Guards come and stop him. Amrish beats them. Virat asks Rajni to lift her hand. Rajni says Poonam is not here, and I am Rajni. Virat asks her to raise her hand. Rajni says okay. Shaan smiles. Amrish asks God to give him strength. Rajni hits Virat and makes him fall out of the window. Virat falls on Amrish’s feet. Everyone is shocked. Shaan looks on. Rajni smiles. Virat gets unconscious.

Virat reminds Rajni what he had done with her when she raised hand on him last time. Rajni says I don’t know. Virat tells that he had given her electric shock and brings the wire to shock Rajni. Shaan asks him not to give her shock.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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