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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni showing teddy to Kuhu and says it is for you. She says okay, I will give it from here, and forwards her iron hand. She says oh hello, I am so sweet and cute, then also nobody talks to me, not even sweet Kuhu. Kuhu takes it. Rajni takes back her hand. Kuhu smiles. Rajni says everything is for you. Do you like it? She asks do you get scared of your cinderella chachi. Kuhu asks are you a super woman? Rajni says no and her nose becomes long. Rajni says I lied and that’s why my nose have enlarged. She says you said right, I am not a human but a robot. Your Shaan Chacha made me. I am a good robot and Shaan chacha made me to help everyone. She asks her to trust her. Kuhu asks why did you hide the fact from family members. Shaan comes and asks do you remember you had

not given the painting which you made for your grand parents. Kuhu says it was incomplete.

Shaan says Rajni is incomplete and have many faults. Rajni says you didn’t make me complete and says it is your fault. Shaan and Rajni argues. Kuhu asks them to stop. He says she is faulty and that’s why she is imperfect. Rajni says Shaan is faulty. He says enough, and argues. He says I will dismantle her, as she scared Kuhu. He makes her wear machine and says Robot chachi will vanish just as we click on it. Kuhu looks on. Shaan types something on the laptop. Kuhu asks Shaan not to dismantle his chachi. Shaan asks are you sure? Kuhu says she has saved me also. Rajni says good bye Kuhu…it was nice knowing you. Kuhu asks Shaan to stop, and asks him not to dismantle his chachi. Shaan removes the machine. Kuhu says Rajni is more good than a human, and thanks her for saving life. Rajni says it is our duty to save my family, and asks her not to thank her. Kuhu says we shall inform family member that Rajni saved us. She says Rajni chachi would have felt bad of everyone’s taunts. Rajni says I don’t have that feature. Shaan says Rajni is still incomplete and says he need to dismantle her then. He says Rajni is top secret and asks her to make sure that Rajni don’t make any mistake. Rajni and Kuhu say ok…Shaan. Shaan says we are team now. Kuhu asks Rajni to clear the line and unite family. Rajni asks if that is a command? Kuhu says yes. Rajni says command accepted.

Rajni clears the line and wipes the floor. Amrish asks what happened? Rajni says I want to clear the line. Kuhu says cinderella chachi is wiping the line. Surili says it is great. Dhyan says it is not decided as few people are still stubborn. Amrish asks Surili to tell Dhyan, not to mix up things. Surili says it is two different things. Dhyan says may be he changes plan after an incident. Amrish says look at his arrogance. Rajni says I will clean this line. Dhyan says no, as it is on the heart. Amrish and Dhyan argues. Shaan comes and asks Kuhu if you told her. Kuhu says yes. Shaan says I have to apologize now. Rajni says I can clear this line. Surili asks shaan to take his oversmart wife. Dhyan asks her to come. Amrish says if this line clear then it can make on the floor also. He tries to mark line on the floor. Rajni tries to clean it. Surili asks him to stop it. Suddenly paint brush falls on surili because of Rajni’s cleaning mop. Surili turns and shows line on her face. Amrish is shocked. Surili is angry, and says you are expert in making line. Rajni says you might have failed in geometry and says you don’t know how to make straight line. Amrish says I won’t let this line clear. He says this fight will continue. Rajni says they are tired, but I am not tired…I will clear this line. Kuhu asks her to stop it and says you have to make papad to erase this line. Rajni asks how much Papad to be made. Shaan asks her to be careful while talking as she takes everything literally.

Next morning, Bubbles thinks to read newspaper. Rajni says your wake up time is 12 on a average and asks how did you wake up so early. Bubbles say as you are not in our side. They fight for the paper. Rajni says half paper is ours and enlarges her metallic hand. Bubbles says I will take your pic and will show to family.

Emraan Hashmi come for the film promotion and asks Shaan to get lost in Rajni’s embrace, and kiss each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    I knew it you will not moderate my comment as it was truth and truth are hard to know….
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