Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili telling Amrish that she don’t like Rajni, but if Shaan’s happiness lies with her, then she have to agree. She asks Amrish to go to room and says she will stay outside for sometime. Rajni gets charged and says I have to go to Shaan. Amrish gets Balwant’s letter for Rajni and reads it. Amrish thinks this can’t happen, and doubts on Surili thinking if she is waiting for someone. Surili sees him hiding and asks him to go. Just then she sees Rajni and hides. Rajni climbs down with her power. Surili is shocked. Rajni meets Balwant. Balwant asks if you love that Shaan, say yes or no. Rajni says no, and says I don’t love him. Balwant gets happy. Surili hears them and is shocked. Balwant says I know that you can’t betray him and gives her rose. Rajni reacts

accordingly and acts to shy. Balwant gets happy.

Surili thinks to show the recording to Shaan. Surili records their conversation and goes. Balwant asks for a kiss. Rajni says romance. Shaan commands Rajni to come to room. Balwant asks her to kiss him and closes eyes. Rajni goes and throws the flower on ground. A dog comes and kisses on his feet. Balwant asks Rajni to kiss on his face, and sits down. Dog kisses/licks on his face. Balwant gets happy. He opens his eyes and gets shocked seeing dog kissing him.

Amrish drinks wine with his sons and thinks about Surili. He leaves. Shaan activates Rajni and says it is good that you will stay with me in the room. I will be easy for you to monitor you. He asks where was you? Rajni says Balwant loves her and she was with him. Shaan asks her to behave like a normal girl and not let anyone know that she is a robot. Amrish praises Surili infront of mirror and thinks she might like someone better than me. Shaan tells Rajni that he felt current. Rajni says it feels in love. Shaan says it is different. Rajni says Dev told me and says you have lack of love. She gives him current.. Shaan says he is feeling current and asks her to stop it. He asks Rajni to delete the stupid command of Dev.

Rajni accepts the command. Shaan says I made you for a mission, and the new mission is impress sasumaa. He asks her to touch Surili’s feet like an adarsh bahu and woo her. Rajni says okay Shaan. Surili thinks now I have proof against Rajni, Shaan will kick her out of house, and I will bring bengali bahu of my choice. Surili thinks she will expose her and smiles. Amrish thinks Surili might be leaving him and gets sad. He checks her phone and finds the phone locked with a new password. He feels heart broken and decides to talk to her in the morning. Surili thinks Rajni can sleep peacefully today.

Surili gives her jewellery to Rajni to check her honesty and tells Maggie. Later Rajni runs after surili to touch her feet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hasan ji once again thanks for the update , BHRK too funny just love this show my fav character is rajni robot ;P

  2. Rajni obot you are superb . Love u.

  3. Sorry it’s *robot* not *obot* .

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    I am facing a prblm that i am unable to comment on 11 march episode!!
    Plz resolve it…

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