Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Doctor coming to Kant house and asks where is the patient? Show me patient. Shaan and Amrish take him inside. Doctor asks how is she feeling now. Surili asks if he is a doctor, and tells that she is unwell. Amrish asks him to check her. Doctor checks Surili and says oh….Gyan asks what happened to Maa. Doctor makes a sad sound. Surili says why he is doing this. Doctor says her BP is high, heart beats is normal. Surili asks then why you made such sound. Doctor says it is my habit, says her cholesterol is increased. He asks did you have much sweets or oily things. Surili says no. Rajni says you had fish just now. Surili asks why you are spying on me. Doctor asks her to relax else BP will increase further. He asks for water and drinks it.

Amrish asks Surili

to calm down and says next week is lori. Doctor says she is deficient of Vitamin B, she needs to do dieting and exercise. He prescribes the medicines asking her to take rest. He leaves. Surili says I will have medicine, but diet and exercise, I can’t do. Amrish takes Rajni to side and says I am really worried for Surili as she refused to diet and do exercise. Rajni asks him not to worry as it is her duty to take care of Surili being adarsh bahu of house. Amrish gives her liberty to do everything to make Surili fine, and says he wants her to celebrate lori with them. Rajni says yes Bau ji command accepted.

Maggie and Sharmila try to force feed medicine in Surili’s mouth, but she refuses to take medicine. Rajni comes and says she brought chart for her. Surili says you are my real bahu and asks her to give chat. Rajni says not chat, but chart. She shows her exercise chart and says your exercise will begin from 6 am in the morning. Surili laughs and says when Doctor came here I told him that I will not do exercise.

Shaguta asks Surili to have medicine. Rajni takes medicine from shaguta and tries to make Surili have it. All the ladies make Surili have medicine forcibly. Rajni says mission accomplished. Surili says its taste is bad. Rajni says sorry, and says sometimes even elder behaves like kids. Rajni says we will meet at 6 am to exercise. Surili says I will die, but no do exercise. Maggie jokes that death body can’t do exercise. Surili asks her to shut up. Amrish applauds for Rajni and says good job, and says Surili will be fine now. Rajni tells that 4 ways are useful to convince someone. RAM asks Shaan to say Thank to Rajni. Shaan says Thank you Rajni. Amrish says it is not easy to convince Surili. Rajni says she refused to take medicine, but she had to take it. Amrish says but we can’t make her exercise forcibly. RAM says I have an idea and shares with Rajni. Rajni likes the idea and says great idea RAM. RAM says now she will do exercise, run, walk and jump. Shaan asks Amrish, why Rajni didn’t tell him about her idea. Amrish says I have full faith on Rajni and RAM and asks him to start thinking. Shaan thinks what is this suspense game?

Surili wakes up in the morning and see timing. She says it is 6 am now. Rajni said she will come and take me for exercise. She thinks Rajni can’t come inside as door is locked. She asks Amrish if the door is locked. Amrish says why I shall closed the door. Surili gets up to close the door and finds cooked fish kept outside her room. She says where were you? Fish trolley is pulled by RAM.. Surili follows the trolley. She asks fish to come near her, and gets tantalized by its smell. Rajni and RAM pull the trolley. Surili thinks where is the fish? Where it is gone. RAM says our work is working. Rajni says yes…RAM. Mission exercise started. Surili feels its smell and search for the fish. She says your place is in this bengali’s stomach. RAM comes and takes the fish plate.

Surili asks him to give fish plate and runs behind him. RAM says she is sweating and it is good for her health. Surili sits down and asks him to give fish. RAM refuses and asks her to have rasgulla if she wants. Surili says my favorite and tries to get it. She jumps to get rasgulla which is kept above on the show piece. Rajni comes and says fish is here. Surili takes the plate and says I have won. She checks it and says this is not fish, but fake fish. RAM says yes, and this rasgulla is also fake. Rajni congratulates her for walking, jumping and running from 6 am to 7 :30 am. Surili says this is cheating. Rajni says we will meet for breakfast and asks RAM to come.

Amrish is happy to hear that and says kamaal karditta. He tells Surili that Rajni made her run and sweat. Surili gives him an angry look. Amrish says you are looking fresh. Shaan says you are looking good. Sharmila says their idea is mind blowing and good. Shaguta says it is not good to give false hope to others. Surili says I am very much hungry and hopes breakfast is ready. She asks Shaguta to check if the food is real. Shaguta checks it and says it is real. Surili says great and says I am so hungry. Rajni comes and says this food is not for you. She shows her bitter gourd soup and halwa. Amrish asks her to have it. Sharmila asks her to have it. Surili says I will not have food in this birth. Rajni says I need everyone’s help to feed you. Amrish says anything for Surili. Rajni smiles.

Rajni tells Surili that she will make her get Vitamin D in the morning. Rajni says she will not let her succeed this time. Later in the morning, Surili wakes up and finds herself in the park. Rajni nods her head.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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