Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaguta seeing flowers on her way and says Maddy….you are so romantic. She comes and sees Dev standing. She says I knew it, these flower is your idea. Dev says you like it, and shows the samosas, snacks and other things. Shaguta asks if he started thela business. Dev says these are our childhood business, we used to fight for these stuff and I used to look at you like hungry Dev. You was so golu…fat. Shaguta reminisces the days and says yes…She says I don’t eat such things now. Dev says I want you to eat such things and become Golu Polu. He says I miss Shaguta. Shaguta says you miss Shaguta. Dev says that childhood Shaguta, and says I miss her even now. He says I love you and makes her wear ring with snacks.. He says it is more precious than diamond and

solitaire and asks him to accept him and leave Mathew. Mathew thinks this Bangru is using Shaguta as a weapon. He says I want to say yes seeing this proposal. Dev says I am not that type of guy.

Mathew says Shaguta is mine and asks her to tell that she is his. Shaguta asks them to fight and decide, and says whoever wins will get her. Mathew asks Shaguta to close her eyes. Dev panics and asks Shaguta not to close her eyes. Shaguta closes her eyes. Suddenly Mathew’s battery gets low and he falls down. Dev sits on him trying to know what happened to him. Surili comes and asks why they are playing dangal. Shaguta opens her eyes and sees Dev on Mathew. She tells her that both of them are fighting for her. Surili asks did you decide what do you want? She asks Shaguta not to marry Dev even if he wins and says I have decided to get you engaged to Mathew today. She asks who has brought these junk food. Shaguta says Dev brought it for me. Dev thinks I am saved and wonders how Mathew was powerless suddenly. He takes samosa plate and chutney falls on Surili’s saree. Surili scolds him.

Dev tells Rajni that Mathew became powerless when Surili came. Rajni says we have to unveiled the secret through Surili and thinks to find out. Rajjo brings tea for Shaan and congratulates him. She tells that Mathew and Shaguta are getting engaged. Shaan is surprised. Rajjo says I will select your clothes and takes out sherwani from cupboard. She asks where is the thread and needle. Shaan says it is the drawer. She sits down to stitch it and smiles. Shaan wonders if he is falling in love with Rajjo…and smiles looking at her. Rajjo also smiles. Suddenly needle pierced into her finger and she shouts. Shaan runs to her and says I will do, and gets hurt too. Rajjo blames herself and says that’s why her brothers were getting her married to old man…Shaan thinks this is love. Rajni thinks to find out what is the thing which made Mathew Powerless.

She comes to Surili. Surili asks if you are original Rajni or Robot….Rajni says I have some work with you and takes her to Mathew. She asks Mathew to touch Surili’s feet. He touches her feet. Rajni says you are normal and asks Surili to pull his cheeks. Surili asks what is this childishness. Rajni insists. Surili pulls his cheeks. Maggie brings red curtain and covers on her head. Mathew’s powers lessened seeing red color. Surili asks Maggie to take Rajni from there. Rajni comes to Dev and tells that nothing happened to Mathew when Surili went to him. She says this time, his powers got weak seeing Maggie bringing red curtain. She brings Surili’s red saree and asks if Surili had worn this saree when Mathew fell weak, and also seeing red curtain with Maggie. Dev gets happy and appreciates Rajni for finding Mathew’s weakness and says he will make the house red. Mathew hears them and thinks he will make all red things vanish from the house, and says don’t think me weak, today is the night of judgement.

Maggie says finally Shaguta is getting engaged to Mathew and will get her cupcake etc. Mathew thinks family union is going on here and thinks he will ask them not to wear red color clothes. Surili asks if arrangements are done. Mathew says I want to say something. Amrish asks Mathew to come and drink with them. Surili says we shall also makes arrangements to welcome him. Maggie says when we will make arrangements for engagement. Shaan asks Rajjo to get ready. Shaguta asks her to make food first and get ready. Rajjo says command accepted. She asks Shaan if Rajni left his house because of these people misbehavior. Shaan says whatever Rajni has done is for everyone’s betterment, but they couldn’t understand her.

Dev tells Rajni that all ladies are waiting for Shaguta’s designer Waheeda, and asks her to go there as Waheeda. He asks her to deliver the clothes to them and make everyone believe that she is Waheeda. Shaguta worries and says why my outfit haven’t come till now. Rajni comes there wearing Burqa and gives red dresses to everyone. Sharmila asks why red? Rajni says it suits you all and I have kept it today’s theme. Shaguta asks her to do her make up. Rajni asks them to sit and says she will do all of their make up. She starts doing their make up. Maggie says we forgot to call Rajni. Shaguta says Mom will start again that she is a robot and blah blah blah. Surili says she has seen with her eyes what she can do, and says Shaan played a big game and brought her duplicate too. She says we will find out the truth. Rajni hears them and smiles.

Rajni lifts her burqa veil and says you are rolling it wrong and says I will do. Shaan asks what you are doing and takes her from there. Rajni says she is keeping his family face from a humanoid…Mathew. Shaan looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The turing episode


    13 feb will be last episode.. ??????????
    And today’s episode was actually robotic.. ?????

  3. Anjali bhrk biggest fan

    Where is RAM?

  4. Anjali bhrk biggest fan

    Where is RAM? Hope the last episode will be interesting and sensible. I doubt wheter kanths will ever come to know that rajni is a robot

  5. Anjali bhrk biggest fan

    They have dragged the drama horribly in the finale week. Very disappointing. Waiting for the last episode


    Last episode is more horrible…
    As in last episode Rajjo and Shaan willl unite and Shoguta and Dev will unite and Rajini will leave for Robot Planet with Iqbaal khan entry in last.. and show will en on monday. But i do not know wheather family will know the truth or not

  7. Anjali bhrk biggest fan

    The story looks like incomplete

  8. Anjali bhrk biggest fan

    Its my humble request to all the fans to comment on monday

  9. kya hoga monday k episode me .
    pls koi to batao

    1. pls say something what is new in next episode


      In last episode Rajjo and Shaan willl unite and Shoguta and Dev will unite and Rajini will leave for Robot Planet with Iqbaal khan entry in last.. and show will en on monday. But i do not know wheather family will know the truth or not..
      Itna hi apb news pr dekha tha

  10. Season 2 is on its way

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