Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story)


Dear fans of badtameez dil,I am heera and this is my Fan fiction of Badtameez dil as i ma a huge fan of this serial,especially Abeer(??).I also write ff of Swaragini.Plzzz tell if u liked thsi ff……

A handsome boy is seen singing at his college.He is Abeer.He is the most popular guy in school.He plays with his guitar.A boy comes and says
Boy:Ek nayi ladki aa rahi hain aaj.Main tumhe challenge karti houn ke tum uss ladki ko pehle hi nazar mein wo tumse pyaar kar beithe..(A new girl is coming to college.I challege u to make her fall in love with u at first sight itself).
Abeer accepts the challenge and goes at the entrance gate.A beautiful gurl enters the college.She slips and Abeer holds her.They have an eyelock… plays………She composes herself and asks how dare u mister that u touched me?
Abeer tries to speak but she scolds him a lot.He is left dumstruck.
Meher:Yeh mat samajna ke main yahan Time waste karne aayi houn.Main yahan parne aayi houn ok.(Dnt misunderstand that i am here to waste time.I am here to study ok.)
She leaves.
He keeps looking at her.He gets mesmerized seeing her beauty.
His frnds come and asks wat happened? Did she fall in love with u?Have u lost thr challenge?
Abeer:Lagta hain ke main apna dil hi haar baitha.(looks like i have lost my heart.)
He smiles and goes.

Meher comes to her room and meets Sasha.She befriends her.She goes to washroom.Just then,Abeer comes to Sasha(They r best friends).
Abeer:Tumne wo nayi ladki ko dekha kya?(Have u seen that new girl?)
Sasha:Konsi ladki(Which girl?).ohhh!!!wo tho meri roommate hain.(Ohhh!!She is my roommate.)
Abeer smiles cutely.(Awwww!!!! ??).
Meher comes out of the washroom.She dries her hair.Abeer comes from behind and looks at her drying her hair.He gets mesmerized seeing her.She looks at him in the mirro and is shocked.She turns and asks
Meher:How dare u? Tum mere kamre mein kya kar rahe ho?(Wat r u doing in my room)
Abeer:Ohh Chashmish!Yeh mere best friend ki bhi room hain samjhe?(Ohhh Chashmish!This is my best friend’s room also understood?)
Meher:Main tumhaari best friend nahi houn(I am not ur bestfriend)
Abeer:Tumse dosti bhi kaun karna chahega?(Who would want to be ur friend?)
She gets angry.
Sasha comes and asks both of them to stop fighting.She asks them to shake hands and do friendship.They look angrily at each other.Sasha insists.She makes them shake hands.They shake hands and look at each other.Music of mere nishaan…plays………

Precap:Meher cries and Abeer consoles her.She hugs him.Mere nishaan….plays…..

Credit goes to:Heera

Plzzz comment and suggest ur ideas……and yes….tell me if u want Meher to wear Glasses or not……….

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  1. Mehbeer fan(Preity)

    College romance I was waiting for it. I so loved it. Abeer and meher r the best.

  2. Really amazing pls don’t discontinue it pls
    I’m also a really big fan of mehbeer

  3. Very much liked it
    don’t stop it

  4. Nice continue plz write i am te big fan of mehabeer

  5. Aweeeeeeeeeeesome heera..I wanted to see the college romance which they didn’t show in the serial love this yaaar pls continue..

  6. Badtameez dil diehart fan (DUDE!)

    really awesoome.. ws missing mebeer’s college moments… wanna like to suggest something.. dont let them for each othr so easily nd soon let their b some nok jhok btwnn them… but you are simply awesome… eagrly waitng for your nxt epi…

  7. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. . eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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