Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 9


Recap:Meher and Abeer escapes from goons.Meher plays prank on Akshat.

Meher is with Abeer in a garden.Abeer is resting in Meher’s lap.They talk and romantic.He pulls her closer and was about to kiss her, just then, She gets a call.
Abeer(angrily):Kabaab mein haddi!(Bone in chicken)
Meher laughs and picks the call.She gets shocked hearing something.She shouts Akshat angrily!!! Abeer looks on.
Abeer takes the phone to talk but the call was already disconnected.He sees Meher collapsing on the floor and crying.He consoles her and asks her to tell what happened.
Meher:Akshat ne……..Maa, bua aur tunnu ko kidnap kiya hain.(Akshat has……Kidnapped Mother,aunt and tunnu)
He gets shocked.
Abeer:Iss kabutar ka tho main….(How dare that pigeon?)
Meher stops her and says Akshat has asked her to come alone and……
Meher:Marry him
He gets super shocked.
Meher cries and says or else he will kill them.She asks him to save them.He promises her and takes her to Akshat’s place.On the way, some goons attack them and take Meher with her.Abeer shouts to leave her in an injured state.Meher cries as Abeer gets unconscious.The goons brings her to a house.They push her on the floor.Akshat comes and holds her.She tries to remove his hand but he holds her tightly and asks her to get ready in 30 mins or else i will kill ur family.Meher looks at him angrily and slaps him.He gets angry and pushes her to a girl(bad girl) so as to get ready.The girl drags Meher to a room and shouts to get ready quietly in 30 mins.She throws the bridal dress and some jewellery on the bed and asks her to change.She goes and she cries.She collapses on the floor, cryinly.
Meher:where are u Abeer?
She looks at the bridal dress and cries.She gets ready and goes out.She looks at Akshat angrily.He eyes her lustily.He drags her to a small mandap and asks the priest to start.He tries to take pheras with her but she pushes him and runs into a room.She locks the door and to her horror, she finds the room decorated with flowers and candles.Akshat comes and closes the door.He says if not marriage then i will have suhaagrat(nuptial night) with u first.She gets angry and tries to run be he pushes her on the bed and tries to force himself upon her.She cries and pleads him to let her go.She hits him with a candle stand.He screams and says if i have suhaagrat with u now without ur permission then it will be its better i fill ur maang with sindoor first.
Meher:Hath laga ke dikha.(Touch and show)
He takes the sindoor and pins her to wall.He is about to put sindoor in her hand but Abeer comes and holds his hand.He looks at her angrily.He beats Akshat mercilessly.He runs from the window with Meher.Meher stops him on the way and asks
Meher:Maa, Bua aur tunnu ka kya?(what about mother, aunt and tunnu?)
He cups her face and says they are abosl*tely fine.He fooled u.She hugs him& cries vigorously.She says i thought that i lost u forever.He tries to console her but she is too afraid after this incident.He hugs her and they both cry.Mere nishaan….plays….

Precap:Meher is sad.Abeer tries to cheer her.He hugs her.Devki comes and looks on.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, sorry for the short update…..plzz give me suggestions plzzzzzzz how can i take the story ahead?????

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