Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 8


Recap:Meher and Abeer dine together.Goons run after Meher but Abeer hides her.

Abeer and Meher sneak outside and seing no one, they run.To their horror, the goons surround them.Meher hides behind Abeer being afraid.He goes and beats the goons.The goons punched Abeer and pverpowers him.Meher looks on shocked! Abeer falls down unconscious!Meher looks on angrily.She sees a metal stick nearby.She takes it and beats the goons shouting how dare they to touch her Abeer.Abeer opens his eyes slightly and get surprised seeing Meher fighting courageously with the goons.He wides open his eyes and fall unconscious.(Funny scenes).Meher rushes to Abeer.She cries asking him to get up.He opens his eyes and winks at her.She beats him.
Meher:Why u do this with me everytime?Why?
She hugs him and he smile cutely.Mere nishaan plays….

She brings him to her hostel and bandages his wound.She then asks him to go.He romances with her and she pushes him out of the room.She smiles.

Next morning, its second third semester of college.Meher comes wearing a beautiful silver and pink combination blouse and skirt.She has a scarf over her neck.Her hair is straightened and opens.She is also wearing bangles and earings.All the boys look at her mesmerized.She comes to class and sees akshat’s seat empty.She decides to teach him a lesson.She spreads glue on the chair.She smiles and sits in her place.Akshat comes and smiles evilly seeing Meher.He sits near her and she smiles looking at him.Abeer comes and winks at Meher.She smiles and gives him a flying kiss.Akshat fumes seeing that.After class, Abeer comes to meher and takes her but she signs him to wait and watch.He looks on cluelessly.Akshat tries to stand but cannot due to glue.He stands up with great difficulty but to his horror, his pants tear.he runs to bathroom.Everyone laugh.Meher laughs.
Abeer:Tumne yeh kiya chashmish?(Have u done this?)
Meher: i am chashmish and mischieveous also(winking to him).
He pulls her closer and asks mischieveous?
She smiles and tries to go but he holds her and kisses her cheeks.She smiles and hugs him.

Precap:Meher gets a call and gets angry.She shouts Akshat!!!!!!Abeer looks on.

Credit goes to;Heera

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    chashmish prank bi kar rahi hai … wow

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  3. Superb.

  4. Bd loving fan

    Yaar ye kya ho rha h? Kis pr consantrate kre mehbeer story ya ye ishq nahi aasan! Totally confuse

  5. Awesome episode, loved it. ..keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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