Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 7


Recap: Abeer comes to meet meher and falls.

Meher rushes to the garden and cries seeing Abeer injured.She cries and pleads him to get up.She sees he is injured.She call the ambulance and rushes him to the hospital.Doctor treats him and he gets conscious.She gets happy and hugs him.She beats him and asks why he had to come to meet her. He smiles and teases her.He hugs her.

After one week, Abeer becomes absolutely fine,today is results day of Abeer and Meher.They both take their parents blessing and come to college.Meher reaches the college and smile seeing Abeer.They both go to the board and check their results.Meher and Abeer both come first.She gets happy and hugs him.He is surprised.She then composes herself and shies.

Akshat sees them from far and fumes.
Akshat; Main tumhaare zindagi mein itni zeher barounga ke tum dekhte reh jaoge (i will fill so much poison in ur lives that u will be surprised.)

Abeer and Meher comes to a restaurant to dine.Akshat comes sees them from far and calls someone.

After dinner, They both walk on road and Meher wants to have ice cream.
Meher:mujhe ice cream khani hain(I want ice cream)
He goes to get it.Meanwhile, Some goons come and teases Abeer.She tries to shout Abeer but they surrounds her.She pushes them and runs from there.She runs , just then someone pulls her behind a house made of rock.She tries to scream but he closes her mouth.Its Abeer……They have an eyelock……cute music plays…….
Abeer: Yeh log kaun hain?(Who r these people)
Meher: pata nahi, mujhe cher rahe the(I dont know, they were teasing me).
She cries being afraid.He consoles her and hugs her.He cups her face and asks her not to worry till he is there (awww!!!!!).

Precap:Abeer fights with the goons.Later, Abeer romances with Meher in class.She smiles and hugs him.

Credit goes to:Heera

Sorry guys for the late update….i am a little busy….will make it longer next time ?

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