Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 6


Recap:Meher and Abeer return to their respective homes.They miss each other.

Meher prepares the table for lunch.Suman and Devki comes and are suprised to see Aloo ki sabzi ,bhindi etc….(all Abeer’s fav food).They asks
Suman: Meher beta, tum yeh sab kab se pakaane lagi?(Meher dear, since when u r cooking these foods?).
Meher smiles.
Meher:Wo….mujhe yeh sab khane ka man tha isiliye.(That…..i wanted to eat all these things so.)
Devki: Par Meher, tu abhi aya hain…taki hui aur tum yeh sab.( but Meher, u just came…tired and u r doing all this)
Meher shuses them and serves them food.They eat and like it.Tunnu also comes and they all eat together.Meher serves them kheer and imagines Abeer sitting.She smiles.Cute music…plays….

Abeer is in his room and playing guitar.He sings mere nishaan…..plays….He imagines Meher coming to him and sitting besides him.He smiles and hugs her.He realizes that he was imagining.He shook his head.

Next morning, Suman, Devki and tunnu go to Meher and inform that they are going to a friend’s house inauguration.They will return by evening.Meher complies and shuts the door.

After sometimes, Doorbell rings.Meher opens it and is surprised to find Abeer.
Abeer:Maine kaha tha na agar mujhe miss kar rahi ho tho main aajounga.Lo aagaya(I told u that if u miss me then i will be there.Look, i am here.)
She drags him inside and he says
Abeer:Wow! U have a nice and beautiful house.
Meher:Abeer! Wat r u doing here? Just go or else anyone will see.
He teases her and she smiles.She hugs him and says i was missing u so much.
She tries to go to bring water for him but he holds her close and and tries to kiss her She shyingly smiles and turn.He pulls her closer and kisses her neck.She closes her eyes.She then kisses her cheek.She smiles.He tries to kiss her on the lips but she pushes him and runs to her room.He runs behind her and shuts the door of her room.
Meher:Abeer dekho! Shararati mat karo! Darwaza kholo!(Look abeer!Dont do mischief! Open the door!).
He smiles and runs behind her.She runs all around the room.She slips and he holds her.They have an eyelock…..mere nishaan….plays……she again pushes him and falls with him on the bed.They have another eyelock.They come close to kiss.Just then, doorbell rings.She gets shocked and asks him to hide in the cupboard.
Abeer:Filmi heroine jaise baate mat karo! Main aaj apne saas se milkar rahoungi.(Dont talk like heroine in film! Today i will meet my mother in law at any cost!)
He begins to go but she stops him and pushes him out of the balcony.

She then opens the door and finds Suman and Devki standing.She asks u all came so soon.They say yes.

She excuses herself and goes to her room.She gets worried seeing Abeer not at the window.She whispers.
Meher:Abeer kaha ho tum?(Abeer where r u?)
Abeer then appears in front of him and smiles.She asks him to go.He asks her to look there.She does and he kisses her on the cheeks and goes.She smiles and turns.She hears a sound of someone falling and rushes to the window.She gets shocked seeing something and shouts Abeer!!!!!

Precap:Meher rushes in the garden of her house and urges Abeer to get up.She cries seeing him unconscious and slightly injured.

Credit goes to:Heera

Sorry for the short update….plzzz comment and suggest ur ideas…..and plzz tell me if u would like to see more of their college romance or would u like to see their wedding and life after wedding???

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