Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 5

Recap: Abeer takes Meher on a dinner and dance with her romantically.

Abeer bends on his knees.
Abeer: Pata nahi kab! Kaise! Par main ab tumhaare bina reh nahi sakta chashmish! Tumhaari adat si ho gayi hain! I love u chashmish!(I dont know when! How! But i cant live without i! I am used to u now! I love u chashmish).
She is left dumbstruck!
She laughs and gets shy.She accepts this proposal.He gets happy and hugs her.Flowers shower on the.She smiles and hugs him.Mere nishaan….plays…..
Abeer:Ek baat kahoun!(Can i say one thing).
Meher: kaho(say)
Abeer:Tumhaari smile sabse khubsurat smile hain.(U have the prettiest smile)
Meher:Yeh smile tabhi hain jab tumhaare paas hoti houn(this smile only exist when i am with u).
She smiles and they have an eyelock.He romances with her.

Next morning,Meher comes to class and smiles seeing Abeer.She sits besides him.He holds her hand and smiles.The class begins and they study.After class….Abeer comes to Meher and they study.Days pass……Exams are almost finished.After exams ,the students must go to their homes till the results.Meher packs her bad and gets sad.Abeer comes to her.He speaks to her but she ignores him.He turns her around and sees her crying.
Abeer:Kya hua ladaku? Mujhse laro ge nahi last day pe?(wat happened fightsome? Wont u fight with me on the last day?)
She cries and hugs him.She says Abeer!!!
He consoles her.He cheers her up and says i will call u and message u daily.And if u miss me then close ur eyes and i will be besides u.She smiles and kisses him on the cheek.He signs lips.She holds him closer and then pushes him saying i am getting late.He smiles and goes.

Abeer and Meher comes to the gate and bids bye to each other.
Meher:Goodbye kills the hope of meetinf again.
Abeer smiles: Wow!! Dialogue pe dialogue.
She beats him.They laugh and have a cute moment.They then go their ways.

Meher reaches home and rings the bell.Suman(her mother) opens the door and is surprised to see her.She cries happily and hugs her.She then asks her to come in.Meher meets her aunt (Devki bua) and her Brother(tarun) and is happy.

Abeer also reaches home and rings the bell.Servant opens door and he comes in.He hugs Madhvi(his mother).
Abeer:Maa! Aisa lagta hain ke main iss duniya ka badsha houn( maa! I feel like the king of the world).
Madhvi smiles and hugs him.She asks why? He stammers and lies to her.She understands he is lying and sends him to freshen up.He goes and she gets thinking.

Meher is in her room and is drying her hair.She remembers Abeer.Just then she gets his call.She smiles and takes the call.
Meher: Main tumhe hi yaad kar rahi thi(I was just remembering u)
Abeer: Maine kaha tha na ke agar tum mujhe miss karoge tho main haazir ho jaoungi(I told u that if u miss me then i will be there).
They have a romantic and sweet talk.She then ends the call and goes in the kitchen.He too goes down and eat with his mother.
Abeer: Waise Adarsh pitaji kahan hain(By the way, where is obedient father?)
She says he has gone to office.
He smiles and says: As usual.
He feeds Madhvi also.

Meher cooks Abeer’s fav food.She smiles remembering him.

Precap:Abeer comes to meet meher.She is shocked to see him at the door.He smiles (cutely) ( miss his smile).

Credit goes to:Heera

Sorry for the late update…..i was kinda busy…plzzz comment and suggest ur ideas.plzzzzz

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