Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 4


Recap:Meher gets drunk and Abeer and she have a romantic moment.

Its 5 o’clock in the morning.Meher wakes up and gets surprised seeing Abeer sleeping besides her.She wakes him up.
Abeer:Kya hua darling! Itni khun shor machaa rahe ho?(Wat happened darling? Why r u making so much noise?).
Meher:Firstly main tumhaari darling nahi houn aur…(Firstly i am not ur darling and
He stops her and says before u say anything,i want to tell u that….everything happened last night.She gets shocked and says What!!! She starts crying.He laughs and says she was just joking.She get angry and beats him.
Meher:Tumhe yeh sab maazak lagta hain?(U think all this is joke?)
Abeer holds her hand and they come close.They have an eyelock.She then composes herself and asks how we came here?
Abeer:tum kal talli ho gayi thi aur tumhe chocolate khani thi isiliye tum yahan aayi.(U were drunk yesterday and i wanted to have chocolate thats why u ended up here).She gets surprised hearing that.He then drops her home.She thanks him.He nods and leaves.She looks on.

Meher comes to her class and she notices there is just one place left,Near a boy.She goes and sits near him.The class start and she studies.The boy(Akshat) flirts with her and teases her.She gets angry and tries to go but cannot due to class.He holds her hand and she gets tensed.Class end and she tries to go but he holds her hand.She was on the verge of crying,just then Abeer comes and holds Meher’s hand.He eyes Akshat angrily.
Abeer:Abe Kabutar! Main tumhe class ki shuruat se dekh raha houn tum kuch zyada hi udh rahe the.(Ohh pigeon! I was noticing u were flying high since the class started!).

Akshat gets angry and goes.She thanks him.
Abeer:Waise iss thank u ke siwa tum ek baat manon ki.Mera sorry kehne ka tarika hi samjho.(by the way, instead of this thank u, will u accept one more thing?U can also call it a mean of saying sorry.)
She nods and asks
Abeer:Mere saath dinner karoge?(Will u dine with me)
She smiles and accepts.
He smiles.

Its night, Meher is ready.Abeer knocks the door.He is wearing a black suit.She opens the door and he gets mesmerized seeing her beauty.She is wearing a long red long dress with beautiful red hand gloves.He is stunned seeing her.
Abeer:Challe?(Shall we go?)
Meher nods and holds his hand.He looks at her surprised.She smiles shyingly.

He takes her to a restaurant.She gets surprised seeing it wholely decorated and nobody is there.She looks at him and he smiles and takes her to a special table.He too sits opposite her.
Meher:Yeh VIP treatment kyun?(Why this VIP treatment?)(in a sacrastic voice)
Abeer:Aise hi(Just like that).
She laughs.
Abeer:Ek baat boloun?(Can i say something?)
Meher:Han bilkul(Ya sure)
Abeer:Tumhaari muskurahat sabse khubsurat smile hain jo maine aaj tak nahi dekhi.(U have the prettiest smile which i have never seen).
Meher:Yeh muskurahat tabhi hain jab main tumhaare saath houn.(This smile only exist when i am with u).
She smiles and he is surprised and looks her.They have an eyelock.Mere rubaru….plays……
They dine together and he offers her wine.
Abeer:Kehte hain jab wine pite hain tho ek doosre ke aakhon mein dekh ke pite hain.(It is said that wine is drank when looking each other’s eyes.)
They look into each other eyes and drink wine.They have another eyelock.

They finish dinner and he offers to dance.She complies and they dance on Han hansi ban gaye…plays…….They dance romantically.She turns to go but he holds her hand and bend on his knees.She get surprised.

Precap:Abeer proposes her and she is left dumbstruck.

Credit goes to:Heera

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