Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 3


Recap:Meher and Abeer supporting each other.

Its morning,Meher is sleeping in her room hostel.Suddenly,her door knocks.She opens the door and finds Abeer standing with hid books,Smiling.
Abeer;Gud morning chashmish!Main janta houn ke tum mere sapne hi dekh rahi thi isiliye main aa gaya.(Gud morning chashmish!I know that u were dreaming about me thats why i have come.)
Meher angrily:Abeer!!!
Abeer smiles.:Exams kareeb hain na! Tho maine socha ke iss poore college mein ek hi einstein hain aur wo ho tum.Kya tum mere madat karoge?(Exams are aproaching and i thought that there is only one einstein in this college and that is u.Will u help me)
Meher smiles and says sure.She asks her to come in while she changes and come.He smiles and sits on her bed .She comes dessed in a white blouse and pant.She puts her glasses and he smiles seeing her.(Miss ur cute smile abeer!!!!! :'( ).She opens the book and teaches him.He studies till late.She continues to teach him and he falls asleep unknowingly in her lap.She notices him.She admires him lovingly.Mere nishaan…..plays…….
She then composes herself and wakes up abeer.
Meher:Abeer utho!!!!Abeer!!!!(Wake up Abeer!!!!!)
He mistakenly hugs her and they fall on the bed together,Him hugging her.He wakes up and looks at her surprised.They have an eyelock.She pushes him.
Abeer:Tum itne betaab ho ke mera faida utha na chahti ho?(R u so impatient that h want to take my advantage?)
He starts his melodrama.She gets angry and beats him.He smiles and says i was just joking chashmish.
Abeer:Waise aaj raat naye students ke liye party hain.Mere saath chaloge?(Anyways,Tonight there is a party for the newcomers.Will u come with me?)
Meher:Main kisi party mein nahi aoungi aur wo bhi tumhaare saath.Kabhi nahi!!!(I will not come in any party,And that too with u.Never!!!!)
He smiles and tries to convince her.She smiles and agrees.He goes and asks her to get ready fast.He is coming to take her in 30 minutes.She gets ready and wears a fusia pink long dress.She straightens her hair and wear bangles and earings.She wears her high heel shoes.Abeer knocks the door.She opens the door and find him dressed in a black suit,Smiling.He gets mesmerized seeing her.He asks shall we go chashmish?She wears her glasses and nods.he smiles and takes her glasses off.
Abeer:Tum wahan parayi karne nahi jaa rahi ho.(U r not going to study there.)
She goes with him.

They reach the party and every guy get mesmerized seeing Meher looking so beautiful.He excuses herself and goes to talk to Sasha.She stands and some guys flirts with her.She scolds them and looks for Abeer.She sees Abeer having Pegs.Dhe scolds him and asks thats why i have brought me to this party.So that i get insulte?.He calms her and asks her to have some drink.She gets angry and drinks 10 pegs continously.He opens his mouth and shock and looks at her with shocked eyes.She gets drunk and acts like a child.She scolds him and laughs.He tries to control her but she runs from there.

Abeer comes out of the party venue and looks for meher.
Abeer:Yeh bina break ki gaari kahan chali gayi?(Where did that withou break-car went?)
He looks for her and finds her in a closed shop.She is trying to enter the shop.He goes and stops her but she pushes him and enters the shop.He too enters the shop.
Abeer:Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho? Iss supermarket mein?(Wat r u gonna do in this supermarket?)
Meher in a childish voice:Mujhe chocolate khani hain(I wanna eat chocolate)
He laughs and pinches her cheek.She gets angry and runs to the chocolate corner.She eats a lot of chocolate.He smiles seeing her childish behaviour.She gets sleepy and falls on him He holds her and they have an eyelock.Mere rubaru….plays…….She smiles and hugs him(in drunken state).He hugs her back.

Precap:Meher pushes Abeer and asks wat happened between us last night.He says everything.She gets shocked!

Credit goes to:Heera

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  2. Nice episode, bejdo quickly yaar etanalate karunga kya

  3. Heera aweeeeeeeeeeesome pls update next part soooooooooooooooooooooon cant wait..

  4. awwww, it’s so cute, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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