Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 24


Hey guys, i would like to show Mehbeer’s romance and Meher and Bua’s fights after marriage….hope u dont mind

Recap:Bua’s entry.Meher gets hurt during sangeet by Bua.

Haldi is going on in Meher’s house.Abeer too comes there.He smiles seeing Meher in a a beautiful yellow anarkali dress.Suman tries to applies haldi to Meher but Abeer stops her.
He applies haldi to Meher first.They have an eyelock.Everyone smile. Suman pulls his ears.
Suman:Romance, that too in open!
Everyone laugh.

After some days, its mehendi.Meher applies mehendi and smiles seeing Abeer’s name on her palm.She gets a message asking her to come outside if she wants Abeer’s welfare.She gets worried and rushes out.Abeer pulls her and hugs her from behind.She beats and scolds him.
Meher:I dont like these kind of jokes! Ok!
Abeer:Ok ok, sorry!
Meher:Waise shaadi se pehle nahi milni chahiye(By the way, we shouldnt meet before wedding)
He romances with her and they smile.

Today is wedding, Meher is dressed up as a bride.Suman gets emotional and talks to her.She pampers her and they hug.They cry.The baraats come and Sasha and Sneha bring Meher downstairs.Abeer gets mesmerized seeing Meher’s beauty.Meher smiles seeing him and blushes.

Meher sits next to Abeer.He touches her hand and smile.She blushes.The pandit asks Suman to do ghatbnadhan and kanyadaan.Suman does their ghatbandhan and kanyadaan.Meher gets sad and teary eyed.They take pheras.He makes her wear mangalsutra and fills her maang with sindoor.Mere nishaan…..plays…..They have an eyelock.They take elder’s blessings.Meher’s bidaai is done.She cries and hugs all her family members.She gets into the car and goes with Abeer and his family.

The car arrives at Malhotra Mansion.Abeer opens the door for her and smiles.She gets out and looks at him.They enter the house.Madhvi does her grah pravesh.Bua looks on irked and evilly.Abeer holds her hand and makes her enter the house.Abeer open the room door for Meher and welcomes her in.She gets happy seeing half of the room with girly decorations.She hugs him happily.
Abeer:Welcome home Mrs.Abeer Malhotra!
She smiles.
He closes the door and looks at her romantically.He pulls her closer and romances with her.He kisses her cheeks, neck and lips.He puts her into the bed and they get intimate.(Lights go off)

Next morning, Abeer wakes Meher up.She smiles and wishes him good morning.He offers her breakfast.She takes a bath and dresses herself.She eats the breakfast and like it.She feeds Abeer also.Mere nishaan…..plays…..She messes his wet hair and runs out.He smiles.

Meher and Abeer comes down and greets everyone.
Madhvi:Meher is glowing so much!
She teases them and laugh.
Bua gets irked and goes.Meher notices that and goes behind her.

Bua talks to someone on phone and asks him to destroy Meher completely.Meher gets shocked hearing that.She gets teary eyed and remembers the recent happenings.She stumbles.Bua turns and gets shocked seeing her.Meher cries being shocked and looks at her.

Precap:Meher gets surrounded by some goons.Abeer comes there and shouts Meher!!!!!

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, comment how it was…and please give me ideas what should i write next… u loads…..and happy new year 😉

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  1. Wow heera its very very nice yaar continue, mehar going to job, abeer carrier some twists go ahead jaldi updatekaro yaar

  2. awesome story.. awesome description… each and every thing awesome.. keep up d good work and plzz updt regularly..

  3. Hey.. upload d nxt part plzzz… we are waiting for ur ff… plzz heera plz be regular

  4. Amazing!!pls update?!!u write really good ff!! U can show Meher wants to join job but Bua doesn’t let her plans many mishaps for Meher, creates many misunderstandings amid MEHBEER,Meher cries after her fights and Bua comes and tells her that it’s just the beginning see what happens after,Bua is rude and doesn’t want MEHBEER to stay together because Meher is the reason for her son being in coma (as Meher did his son’s accident & Meher doesn’t know abt Bua being his mom),when Meher comes to know she feels sorry and asks her to forgive. Later Bua forgive her and becomes sweet to her only in front of everyone but in her mind she has anger for Meher now also .After some months Meher tells that bua’s son Akshat is out of coma and everyone is happy Meher announces that she’s pregnant nd the family is very happy their happiness doesn’t stay longer when Meher falls down and has a miscarriage,the reason for her falling wid be Bua as she doesn’t want happiness in their life
    Thanx….. These were just suggestions

  5. Plz update regularly

  6. heera, plz update regularly, we r missing bdtameez dil alot, plz update soon

  7. Guyz missing batamez dil ky2 nd d3
    Want them back but for now plz update the nxt epi fst awaited

  8. please please write episodes …

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