Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 23


Recap:Meher accepted Abeer’s alliance.

Its engagement of Mehbeer.Abeer and his family come to Meher’s house.Meher comes down dressed in a red lehenga.Abeer gets mesmerized seeing her beauty.She smiles at him.He forwards his hand she gives hers into his.He brings her in the middle and goes upstair.She looks on.He puts the ring in a thread that he tied to her hand.The ring falls and lands in her finger.She smiles surprisingly.He comes down and she puts the ring in his finger.Evryone clap and smile.

Someone come and shouts stop this celebrations right now!
Its kuber’s sister in law and Abeer’s bua( the witch in the serial).
Bua:Mere bina Abeer ki sagai ho rahi hain?(Abeer’s engagement is happening without me?)
She smiles.All heave a sigh of relief.She comes to Mehbeer and blesses them.She looks at Meher evilly?!

Its night, Meher gets a call from Madhvi.
Meher:Namaste Mummy!(Greetings Mummy!)
Madhvi:Hi beta, wo actually Kal sangeet ke liye kuch madat chahiye kya?(do u need any help in arranging for sangeet tomorrow?)
Meher:Mo mummy, u take rest ok.Bye.
She ends the call and goes to hall where the workers are decorating for tomorrow.She comes down and smiles seeing the Decorations.A sardar holds her hand.She turns and looks at him.
Sardar:Oye yaar!! Butter ki tarah soft ho!(Ohoo!! U r soft like butter!)
Meher:Excuse me!
Sardar:Mainu ek glass pani mil saakta hain?(Can i get a glass of water?)
She goes to get it angrily.The sardar is revealed to be Abeer.He smiles and goes to kitchen.

Meher turns and falls on him.
Sardar:Oye!! Beauty beauty!
She gets up and scolds him.
Meher:U dont know my fiancee, he will kill u if he gets to know all this!
Sardar:Oye! Tere fiancee mujhse zyaada hot hain?(Oye! Is ur fiance more hot that me?)
Meher:Of course he is more hot and handsome than u!
He removes his beard and says
Abeer:Wow chashmish! Handsome aur hot bhi! Mera jaadoo chal raha hain tumpar!(Wow chahsmish!Handsome and hot also? My magic is working on u!)
She goes to beat him but slip due to the fallen water.He holds her and they have an eyelock….mere nishaan…plays…….
She asks him to go.They romance and smiles.

Its sangeet today,Meher wears a fusia pink Lehenga.while Abeer wears a peach coloured Sherwani.He arrives with his family.meher Smiles seeing him.They sit together.Sneha, nisar and Sasha join them too in the sangeet.

Sasha and Tunnu announces that First performance will be by Kuber and Madhvi!!!
They dance on Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche……on retro looks……Mehbeer clap for them.

Next performance, sneha and Nisar perform on Bahara…..plays….
Abeer holds Meher’hand and they smile.

Abeer pulls Meher for a dance.They dance romantically on janam janam and geura……plays…..They have an eyelock while dancing.

All the family dance together on tukur tukur….plays…..Bua breaks a glass and throws it near Meher.Meher while dancing, steps on it and injures her leg.She screams in pain.Abeer lifts her and makes her sit on a sofa.Meher cries while Bua smirks.
Abeer:Ur so childish!
Meher:I am crying in pain and thats make me sound like a child!.When u will be hurt like this then u will know.U think u r a hero!
Abeer:Of course i am coz i diverted ur mind and removed the glass.
Meher smiles and hugs him.
Madhvi notices Bua watching them and gets thinking.Mehbeer wonder how the glass came there.

Precap:Abeer applies haldi to Meher romantically.They have an eyelock.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, i added bua in it as the arent any villain in the show.Comment how it was and suggest ur ideas please……love u loads…

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