Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 22


Recap:Meher reunites Abeer and his Dad Kuber.

Abeer:U came to my house today but tomorrow me and my family will come to ur house.
Abeer:just like that.
She smiles and goes.He sees her and gets thinking.

In the morning.Abeer with his family comes to Meher’s house.He rings the bell.Meher opens the door and gets surprised seeing Abeer.
Meher:U??? Wat r….
Just then, she sees Madhvi and Kuber and gets super shocked.Madhvi and Kuber smile and look at each other.

Suman comes and welcomes them in while Meher is still in shock.Abeer pinches him and laugh(funny scene!).

Kuber:actually ,we came to talk about Abeer and Meher’s relation.We want to make Meher our bahu!
All gets surprised and happy at the same time.
All turn and look at Meher.
Suman:Meher beta, kya tumhe yeh rishta manzoor hain?(Meher dear, do u accept this.proposal?)
Meher:Even if i accept this proposal…i will not marry now,i……
Abeer:U will accomplish ur dream of flying first…..
Madhvi:Flying….main kuch samjhi nahi?(I didnt understand?)
Abeer:she wants to become an air hostess first.Thats why…..
All smile and are happy that Meher agreed for this relation.They decide to keep the engagement after 2 days.All feed sweets to each other.Mehbeer feed sweets to each other and smile.

Its night,Meher gets a call from Abeer.She smiles and talks to him.
Abeer:Bohat khush lag rahe ho!(u r sounding happy)
Meher:Kyun tum khush nahi ho kya?(Why? Arent u happy?)
Abeer:Actually meher,no!
Meher gets shocked and asks what? Why didnt u tell anything infront of them! How could u Abeer!
Meher gets teary eyed and angry.
Abeer laughs and tells her that it was just a joke!
Meher gets angry and cuts the call shouting she doesnt like these kind of jokes.

Abeer calls her again but she doesnt tqke the call.She switches off her phone and goes to sleep.

In the midnight,Abeer climbs the pipe and goes into Meher’s room.He smiles seeing her sleeping.Cute music…..plays…..He showers flowers on her.She wakes up and gets surprised seeing flowers.She gets angry seeing Abeer and turns to sleep.Abeer turns her and pulls her closer.They have an eyelock.He apologizes to her.She starts laughing and teases him.Mere nishaan….plays….

Precap:Mehbeer get engaged.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, yesterday i went for shopping so couldnt write……comment how it was and please give me suggestions….i dont know what to write next now….love u loads….

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  1. Nice episode heera finally they goto marrage are yaar show some twists r villans this show

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