Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 21


Recap:Meher promises that she will reunite Abeer with his father.

Meher:Abeer main sham ko tumhaare ghar aaoungi! Tumse aur tumhaari dad se kuch baat karni hain.ok?(Abeer tonight i will come to ur house.I have to talk to u and ur Dad.ok?)
Abeer:Meher u……
Meher:I have to go bye.
She goes quickly to avoid Abeer’s question.Abeer looks on.

Its night, Meher is getting ready in her room.She wears a silver anarkali dress with her hair open.She informs her mum that she is going out.

She drives her car and reaches Abeer’s mansion.She goes inside and greets Madhvi.
Meher:Aunty, kya main Abeer ke papa se kuch baat kar sakti houn?(Aunty, can i talk to Abeer’ dad.?)
Madhvi:Of course, he is in his study room.
Meher nods and goes to Kuber.
Kuber:Why u came here? Get out?
Meher:I just need to talk to u.Reunite with Abeer.
Kuber:Who r u to interfere in our personal matters?
Meher:That doesnt matter.I just came here to explain u coz of humanity.Abeer is ur only son.I have watched ur fotos.Abeer used to click fotos only with u in childhood.When he uttered his first word, he called Papa! Right?Aapko Abeer pe garv tha na? Phir kyun ussi bete se aap baat nahi karte? Just because wo aapki baat nahi sunta??? Aapko pyaar se usse baat karna chahiye….(U used to be proud of Abeer’s right?Just because he doesnt listen to u?U should talk to him with love…..)
I just hope u understood what i said.
She goes from there teary eyed.Kuber looks on.

Meher comes to Abeer on the balcony and explains him that he should understand his father.He should try to talk to him.Abeer smiles and nods his head.He holds her hand and smile.Kuber comes there and looks at Abeer teary eyed.He hugs him.They hug and cry.Madhvi and Suman look on happily.

Kuber comes to Meher and cups her face.
Kuber:For me u r an angel who came to solve our problem.
Meher smiles and hugs him.All smile.

Kuber asks them to come for dinner and goes with Madhvi.Meher tries to go but Abeer holds her and pulls her closer.

Meher:Abeer!!!! Let me go!!!
Abeer:Give me a valid reason why?
He flirts with her and she smiles.
Mere nishaan…..plays……He kisses her cheeks and smiles.
Abeer:R u really an Angel??
They romance…….

Precap:Abeer informs Suman that he loves Meher.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, sorry for the late and short update….i am really busy……give me suggestions and comment how it was… u loads.

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  1. Gud heera love u loads

  2. Really good amazing episodes but dear plz there should be a villan also to make the story perfect anyways nice

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