Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 20


Hey guys, i am showing more college scenes as there werent many in the series…hope u dont mind….and also i am writing a ff of Piya rangrezz also…

Recap:Mehbeer romance.

Its morning,Meher is getting ready in her room.She is wearing a blue blouse and black skirt with black scarf on her neck.She wears her earings.She looks at her spec and smile remembering Abeer.She wears her spec and goes out.

She drives her car.She reaches a restaurant where Abeer is already waiting for her.She walks toward the restaurant,just then, she clashes with Sneha..
Meher:I am sorry…..
Sneha:Kitni baar bologi Meher? Tumhaare liye tho yeh bas ek shabd hi hain na?(How many more times will u apologize?Its just a word for u right?)
Sneha turns to go but Meher stops her.
Meher:Mere liye wo shabd hain jiske waje se shayad meri dost ki muskurahat laut aaye(Its the word that can bring a smile on my friend’s face).Thats all.
She gets teary eyed.
Meher:U r angry with me as Abeer didnt marry u but Nisar did.But tell me one thing do u love Abeer? No! Does Abeer loves u? No! Then how were u supposed to stay happy when two people are not happy with each other.But Nisar loves and cares for u! Thats why u r staying happy.
She turns to go but Sneha stops her.She hugs her.
Meher and Sneha cry.
Sneha:I am sorry Meher.I am sorry.
Meher:Its ok!
Meher:Will u accompany me in the restaurant.Abeer is also there.
Meher:No! Nisar is waiting for me.We are gonna do lunch together!
Meher:Ohoo!!!Someone is in love!
She teases her and they laugh.

Meher enters the restaurant and smiles seeing Abeer.
Abeer:I have seen evrything! And i am really happy for u both!
Abeer:Tumhaari khushi mein meri khushi hain!(my happiness lies in ur happiness)
They have an eyelock.Music….plays…..
Kuber passes by in his car and gets shocked seeing them both together laughing and holding hands.He goes from there.

Meher:Waise tumhaare papa aise serious kyun rehte hain?(Why does ur dad stay serious like this?)
Abeer:I dont know!and i dont care!
He goes to order coffee for them.
Meher:I know Abeer that u dont mingle well with ur father.But i promise i will reunite u with him soon!
Abeer comes and presents her a cake.She smiles and they cut it together.
Abeer:Tonight there is christmas party! Hope u will come!
Meher:As u say!
They laugh and enjoy the cake.

Meher returns home and tells her mom that she is going to a christmas party tonight.
Suman smiles and asks her to get ready.
She presents her a red dress and says she brought it for her.Meher hugs her mum and thanks her.

She get dressed in her room wearing a red gown.She goes out and Abeer gets mesmerized seeing her.She smiles and they get into car and leaves.

They reaches the party.They are asked to put mask on their face.They do so.Mehbeer dance romantically…..Mere nishaan….plays….He bends on his knees and kisses her hand.She smiles.
Screen freezes on Mehbeer’s smiling faces.

Precap:Abeer gets teary eyed and hugs Kuber.Meher looks on and smiles.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, i know it was short…..comment how it was?? And also give me suggestions….enjoy and love u loads…

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