Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 2


Recap:Abeer and Meher’s first meet.

Abeer and Meher look at each other while holding hand.
Abeer:Pata hain ke main handsome houn…Par…ab tho hath chordo.((I know that i am handsome…but….Now leave my hand)
He smiles.
She gets angry and leaves his hand.She goes and studies.He smiles looking at her and leaves.After he leaves,She looks at him and smiles.(Something something)

Meher gets a call from her mother and is shocked.She starts crying.Abeer is in the same garden as hers.He notices her and goes to her.
Abeer:Kya hua chashmish?Notes dimaag mein nahi ghuss rahe hain kya?(Wat happened chashmish?Arent ur notes entering ur mind?)
Meher:Shut up Abeer!Har cheez mazak nahi hota!(Not everything is joke!)
Abeer:Meher i am sorry! Main tho sirf tumhe cheer up karna chahta tha(I just wanted to cheer u up).
Abeer:Main khud nahi janta Meher….par main tumhe aise udaas nahi dekh sakta(I dont know Meher…but i just cant see u upset like this)
Meher looks at him surprised.
Meher:Wo actually,mere bhai tunnu ki ek choti si accident hui hain.(Actually,My brother tunnu met with a small accident.)
He consoles her as she cries.She hugs him.
Mere nishaan…..plays…..

Abeer comes to his class and hears a girl Chayya saying that she fooled Meher well by mimicking her mother’s voice.Poor girl!She must be crying.They all laugh.Abeer is shocked and angry.He comes and confronts her.
Chaya notices Meher coming and acts.
Chaya:Abeer,Tumne hi tho kaha tha ke yeh drama karne ko meher ke saath(U only said that do this drama with Meher.)
Meher cries and looks at Abeer.
Abeer turns and is shocked to see her.He tries to speak but Meher stops him.
She goes and stands opposite Chaya.Chaya smirks.Meher slaps her hard.She eyes her angrily.
Meher:Yeh meri feelings ke saath khelne ke liye hain(This is for playing with my emotions and feelings)
She slaps her again
Meher:Yeh mujhe mujhse Dost se alag karne ke liye hain(This is for trying to snatch my Friend from me).
Abeer looks at her surprised.
Chaya tries to slap Meher but Abeer holds her hand
Abeer:Soch na bhi mat(Dont even think about it).He takes Meher with her.He apologises to her says that it was not his fault.She forgives him.
Abeer:Do u have a soft corner for me that u r forgiving me so easily.He teases her and she gets angry.She goes being angry.He smiles.(His cute smile!!! Miss it!!!!).

Precap:Abeer and Meher studying together and he falls asleep in her lap.She eyes him lovingly.Mere nishan music plays……..

Credit goes to:Heera

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  1. Its nice also miss his smile alot

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    Any one tell me where i am watching online episode?

  8. Are yaar this is only written part do not play video of any channel r any online, (ff-means r write their own storys thats it)

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    badtameez dil rocks

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