Badtameez Dil (MehBeer’s Story) Episode 19


Recap:Meher invites Malhotra family for Jagrata.

In the morning,Meher decorates the inhouse temple.She sings the arti and gives prasad to her family.Doorbell rings.Meher opens the door and find a seller with a red duppata which is to be dorn on the God.
Meher takes the dupatta.Its heavy.She brings it in the temple with great difficulty.Winds blows and it starts moving here and there.Abeer comes and holds her from behind.She gets afraid and drops the dupatta.The dupatta flows and cover both of them.They have an eyelock.Mere nishaan…..plays…..

Kuber and Madhvi come there and they break the hug.She goes and dorns the dupatta on the God.She smiles seeing Abeer.

Later,Meher goes to get ready.She sees a beautiful red saree(Which she wore in he series).She smiles knowing its sent by Abeer.She comes out wearing that saree.
Meher:I have to ask mom to drape my saree well.
Just then,She sees Abeer.
Abeer:May i help!
Meher:Abeer go from here.
He smiles and bends on his knees.
He drapes her saree well and she looks at him lovingly.She smiles shyingly and goes.He smiles.(he is wearing the blue coat).

Meher,in the hall,clashes with Kuber.
Kuber:Decorations are of ur status only.
Meher(smilingly):Status is not required if devotion and faith are from heart.And by the way,Havent u heard of Purohit diamonds industries?Its my company.Am i am the owner of it.And if i dont misunderstand,my company is sponsoring ur company right.
She smiles and goes.He is left dumstruck.

She sees Abeer and winks at him.He gives her a flying kiss.She takes it and gives him another.

He goes to Meher who is preparing the pooja thali in the temple.He helps her.
Meher:u dont believe in all that? Then?
Abeer:I came as i would get sweets to eat.
Meher:Abeer!!! U r impossible
Abeer:That i am!
They laugh and talk.
Kuber looks at them from far.
Kuber:I have to do something before its late.

Suman and Devki do the pooja.Then Madhvi and Kuber do the pooja.Meher whispers to Abeer challenging him that he will have to do pooja with her.She goes and takes the pooja plate.She does the pooaja.She stumbles and the pooja thali was about to fall but he holds it and does pooja with her.
She smiles and they do it together.

After pooja,Malhotra family is going.Meher goes to them but someone pulls her into a room.Its abeer.He pins her to the door.
Abeer:Wont u give me anything? I am going
Meher:Of course i will give.
Meher:She gives him many boxes of sweets.She smiles and feeds him.He too feeds her.Cute music….plays…..

In the night,Abeer calls meher and tells he is eating the sweet and is missing her.
Meher:Mujhe miss kar rahe ho kya sweets ko?(r u missing me or the sweets?)
Abeer:Sweets ko!
Abeer:Tum bhi na chashmish! Main tumhe hi miss karoungi na!(u r too much chashmish! Of course i will miss u only!)
Meher:Who knows?
Abeer:Okay fine then, i an enjoying my sweets bye!
She tries to speak but he ends the call.Both smile remembering each other…..

Precap:Kuber comes to Abeer and Meher in a restaurant.Meher gets shocked seeing them fighting.Later,She asks abeer if everything is fine between him and his dad.He says no.She promises to unite him with his father.

Hey guys comment how it was…..give me ideas plzzzz….love u loads…..

Credit to: heera

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  1. vry nycc keep going lyk this nd plzz dont make it a family drama..

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